Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bloggity Blogs: I have to say...

I was only going to do one bloggity per week, but I just have to post about this new find!

One thing I LOVE is her Etsy shop (Fresh Squeezed Fabrics)! She sells fabric and patterns, and really, I could spend WAY too much money in her shop! There are so many great fabrics and designs and colors to choose from. And TODAY only she is having a "24" sale! For the 24th of August everything is 24% off! So go check out her shop and don't miss the savings! :)

This is the fabric I fell in love with!

Why do I like her blog? Because I found this tutorial and made three of these reusable snack bags today, and they turned out SO cute! :) The pattern is so easy and simple... and my favorite part: QUICK. :) (They would be so cute in the above loved fabric!!! hum...)

Here are my reusable bags that I made:

Do you notice the little hands? Hike was so great to wait while I took the pictures. Once I was done though, now that's a different story. haha. There was no way I could crop those cute little hands out of the pictures.

A friend of mine left for her first year of college today, so I whipped these up and took them over to her before she left, along with a giant bag of pretzel m&m's (a new fav), some twix and a little bag of cocunut m&m's (not so much my fav as I would have thought. Love the pretzel though!) :) I figure snacks are the only thing that are going to get her through some of her classes. And what better way to bring them to class than in a cute little bag.

In two of them I added an extra lining of super thin clear vinyl. It was actually a lot easier to sew in than I thought, and turned out pretty good. Now when those m&m's get smashed in her bag, they won't make the fabric all gross. Makes me want to lick the chocolate off of the vinyl just thinking about it. :)
(side note: my sister used to make fun of me all the time when I was little because I ALWAYS licked the chocolate off the wrappers of my candy bars. I didn't want any of it to go to waste. ;)

Back on topic: She has more fantastic patterns, great pictures, lovely fabrics. Her patterns are so simple and clear. (Can you tell I like her patterns???) ;)

Super cute phone bag! (on my to-do list) :)

and... she has a chocolate lab. If I were ever going to get a dog (if my hubby ever lets us) it will be a chocolate lab. :)

When I saw this title of one of her posts

"my name is randi and i am addicted to fabric"

I knew right away that I could say she's my new secret best friend! :) (is that super creepy and weird??? I hope not. ;) ) But really, I'd be embarrassed to tell anyone how much fabric I own.
Maybe I should open up my own fabric store. ;)

Anyway, there it is folks. :)
Let me know what you think...

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  1. I agree, her fabric is very addicting! Thanks for the heads up.


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