Monday, October 4, 2010

Shout Out: THIS

A couple weeks ago, I finished an awesome book! I really do like to read, but until I picked up this book, it had been over a year probably since I had actually finished one. ;) You know how life goes. That, and sometimes it's hard to find that book that draws you in and doesn't let you put it down! This is one of those books! 

It's about vampires, yes. But it's not what you may think! It's very well written, full of surprise turns and events that you don't expect. Great character development, and full of wisdom and ideas that make you think a little deeper than just some corny romance vampire novel. Especially with Halloween coming up, this book would be a great October read, or a November read, or December, or January.... you get the point. It's a great book and very entertaining for the young and old alike. :)

Be sure to check it out at:

It's a vampire book that will be sure to leave you wanting for more! ;) 

I couldn't not do a shout out for such a great book! Be sure to check it out at their website, or visit and order yours today. :)

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