Friday, March 25, 2011

Fab Finds: Quilting stuff

I am really getting into quilting lately. Or at least I have found a new love of watching everyone else do it! I've been finding a lot of great designs and patterns, and don't even get me started on the colors and fabric choices... Anyway, I have too many projects I'd love to do, and there are so many great inspirations out there that I can't not let them get lost in my bookmarks. :)

I'll start with this one over at MamaCJT.

and can I just say that Carol has some crazy amazing quilts! WOW! That's about all that I can say. I love it! It's like walking through a candy store. Everything looks so delicious!

The 'original' idea is over at Love Laugh Quilt, which her's looks a bit different, but is also a fun variation.

Then there is this one from That Girl That Quilt. LOVE it!

 I am really am intrigued by this pattern, and I really love her choice of colors and patterns! I think I would feel so beautiful lying under this quilt. :) lol.

Oh, and can I say that I love her "No Obligation Quilting!!" I read her reason why today and I agree completely! She shared that though she loves to quilt, there are other things in life that are more important, like family, and that those things come first. So although she loves it, and does it, she's not getting into the competition or upkeep of coming up with something new every week, or making something better than so-and-so. I love it! And frankly, that is what happens with my blog too... I kind of come and go,  but that's because life happens. The end. But I still love being able to share the things I do have time for, and anyway, you should hop over and read her story. :)

Next there are these two blocks that I LOVE LOVE! Rachel made them over at Stitched in Color. Did I mention that I am really enjoying her blog?!

This grey one is from another new blog I just found you know what I love? She just redid her sewing room, and I could easily spend all day in there. :) Doesn't this look inviting?!

I guess that's about it for now. Thanks for blog hopping with me! :)



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