Saturday, July 9, 2011

Made It: Almost finished!!!

 You can find the pattern for this quilt over at Quiltstory.


I am SO close to being done with this quilt!! I am so excited! It was so much fun to make, especially with the trees and the flowers (though they were the hardest to quilt - having to turn the whole quilt in circles as I sewed, and trying to fit it through my machine a million times. I'm glad it's small!)

Here are some close ups of the stitching I did around the trees and flowers. 




I quilted the rest of it with some random wonky straight lines, but kept the stitching on the patterned fabric only. It will be interesting to see how it washes up. I'm actually really nervous about that.


I kept the thread white on the back so it would for sure show up. I think it's really fun! (I purposefully didn't applique it until it was all sandwiched together. I think it adds a bit more interest on the back of the quilt. Plus since making my picnic blanket, I think one of my favorite new things is seeing the stitched design on the side where you can't see the picture.)



Since taking these pictures (10 min ago) I've trimmed it down and it is now ready to bind! I am thinking about going with a solid orange binding. What do you think???

oh, AND I can't forget to mention my ugly gloves. :)

Ugly gloves

I picked these up at smiths for a couple bucks a while ago. I originally bought them to help me with the FMQ because I've heard quite a few people say they really like to use gloves, but I have found that I really love them for everything that is remotely big and takes effort to feed through the machine. It made appliquéing this quilt, as well as quilting it, SO much easier! I love the rubber fingers. And my boys love to feel them too. :) High fives all around when I wear these things!


  1. It is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! LOVE IT!!

  2. Super, super cute! You must be so pleased with yourself - this is adorable!

  3. This is such a fun and bright quilt. I love the tree and flowers!

  4. This is really lovely!! And I think the orange binding will be perfect.


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