Thursday, December 15, 2011

I couldn't wait

Did you see my post from last night? With my idea for a new quilt inspired by this pattern and Rachel's block? Well, I just had to take a break from cleaning this morning and sketch a little something up. What do you think?


This is of course a VERY rough draft, but you get the basic idea. I think I am in love with it. I'm not sure exactly how I would do the details, like the stems and such, but I think it would be so fun for a little girl. Perhaps my little girl?! (I sure wish I didn't have so many other projects that were first in line....) :)

Oh, and I really love the fabric that Rachel used, so I would definitely go with a softer pallet. Not too bright, with a cream background (not my usual first choice, but I would like it here. ok, maybe white. I don't know).



  1. Oh, now I see it! Yes, that's beautiful and would be such a sweet quilt. Hope you get a chance to go for it!!!

  2. That's super cute, Diane. You make such fun things!

  3. Would this be an easy quilt to make? I've never made one before, but I would certainly like to try on this one.

  4. Very nice, maybe you would use ricrac for the stems.



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