Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Story Going Private

No this is not my story of going private, it's about me making my Our Story section of my blog private. I love sharing with the world, but now that we're further from home, and I have a goal to blog more about the daily happenings of our personal story, I want to be a little more open about what I share and there is just something about putting myself out there and letting every I-don't-know-who-you-are read the intimate details of our life, that kind of isn't so much what I want to think about. Anyway, it'll be going private... so if you want in, then shoot me your email either in the comments or email me at fromblankpages {at} gmail dot com.

I will keep updating new posts here on this blog with fun little snippets, so make sure to stop by to stay up to date on our new happenings! :)

***To clarify, this MAIN PAGE of my blog will remain open to everyone! :) I have way too much fun blogging to cut this off from others! It is the family section of my blog (found under the Our Story tab) that will be private. :)

lol. After some more thought and starting to enter in emails to make my blog private, I decided I'm going to keep it open. I just have a feeling that maybe someone out there somewhere might need to read what I have to say one day and they might not even know they need to read it. I'd hate to close the opportunity to help someone else by restricting readers to my blog. :)



  1. I'd love to keep reading that part of your blog if you don't mind me doing so !

    My email is marika_ouellet(at)hotmail(dot)com

    I'm glad you are in your new home and most of all, that you like it :)

  2. Girl, I understand :) Love the personal stories too! Jf-turner@ hotmail(dot)com I hope your having a fantastic weekend!

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog. :) thatmoxiegirl at gmail dot com

  4. I'd love to keep up:

  5. Me too - i have so much enjoyed reading the personal snippets of your family and getting to know you. I would love to have the priveledge of continuing to do so. Cheers, Karen

  6. Oops - i know you know it but for ease.


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