Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Gifts and a linky

Can I just tell you that December isn't any less crazy than the rest of the year?! :) I think that should be my slogan, ”life is crazy”. I don't think I'll ever get used to the hectic life of having three small children. This why I am always questioning my future situation. Anyway, I'll save that for Friday (hopefully).

So Hunter has had a fever since Monday night, luckily no one else has gotten it yet, but I worry that it's lasted so long. I also hate that he's missing preschool. Looks like he'll miss tomorrow too. Pior kid. :( we've had some fun though.

Ok, so onto the sewing stuff, because that's what makes all the craziness bearable. I love that my husband is always telling me to not stop sewing. I think he understand more than I do how much I need this outlet. ;)

I have finally buckled down and made my

Handmade Christmas List! 
(though I can't share everything because I don't know who is reading this. I'll have a big recap after the new year.)
  • a quilt
  • travel bag
  • phone pillows
  • angry bird bean bags
  • some bags and unspecific things (7 - 1 big, 4 small, 2 are finished - to help me keep them straight)
  • a superhero cape for Mabel
  • a family gift that I'll share a bit below

and if I can get them done:
  • I want a purse, but i'm not counting on that getting done
  • I want to make the kiddos some infinity scarves, maybe crocheted, so they are faster.
  • maybe some doll accessories for Mabel. She will need some. :) (I love having a girl)

Besides Christmas gifts I also need to
  • put together an iPad pillow pattern
  • finish activity books and a custom order
  • take pictures of and post the candy land quilt, I LOVE it! (it's been freezing outside and I don't want to go out in it.)

 I am such a list person. I think that is actually everything. :) I hope so anyway.

So here's my new thing as of yesterday. If you follow me on instagram (I'm @fromblankpages if you're on there!)  you've probably seen it. It's a Mini Stocking!

This one was a practice to make sure it would work and I had the pattern right. The fabrics are not my favorite, and I definitely want the cuff to be in a different color.

I wanted to make these last year as a family gift to other close families that we (I) want to give a little something too. I didn't get it figured out in time last year, and I slightly recall Neil getting mad at me for having too many projects, which I think he's already done this year too. Lol. Anyway, I think this is so cute! It's about 6.5 in tall, which I think will be perfect to put a bunch of candy canes in. :) I want to put the last name of the family on the cuff with Merry Christmas and our name and year on the back. Then put enough candy canes in them for each member of the family. They aren't too big to hang on the tree I think, but maybe I'll shorten it by 1/2 an inch anyway. I'm hoping to be able to finish a pattern and post a tutorial on my blog today tomorrow.

So what do you have going on right now? What is your handmade Christmas list? I think it's funny that I like to make stuff for everyone else, but then we just buy all our presents for our kiddos. :)

 I think I'm going to leave this linky up until the end of the year, and just keep posting the same link each Thursday, I don't know if I'll really keep up with the linky this month with everything going on. Seeing as how I already missed it last week. Oops. Just keep adding posts as you share new things!

**Please make sure to link back here so others can come join in the fun as well! :) and stop and say hi to the other great bloggers too! Comments are always a happy thing!

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas!!



  1. I thought it was hard with just one! Happy Holidays!!

  2. Oh, I'm a list person too!! Even if I don't really plan on working on something I like to keep it on the list so that I can remember. :)


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