Thursday, August 5, 2010

Photography: Little parts

I love little parts.

Just look at those toes...

even his toes enjoy the rays of the sun

and these chubby fingers...

Hike has some cute little hands too, of which lately he's been walking around with them behind his back. :)

Our dSLR is a little intimidating to me after being used to a very old, fully manual SLR for so long (did I mention it's old?!). But we've been trying to get it out more lately, and how can we not love it with photos like these...

(the hubby snapped this shot)
It was so hot on this day. And yup, he turns redder than red when he's hot (not to mention he's such a busy body, so even if it wasn't a hot day he'd still be hot.) Just after this he went for a dunk in the decorative fountain. I'm sure it felt good. :)

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