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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

Just one step at a time

*I will warn you, I am writing this post with my blogger app on my phone and I have no idea how the formatting is going to turn out... Crossing my fingers. ;)

life has been so up and down and all around lately! It's been exciting and fun, but also a bit overwhelming and stressful. I went to sewing summit and had the time of my life! It was so great to be around so many nice and amazing people! And finally put faces to names and meet people in person. Unfortunately I'm still putting names to faces and am sad I didn't talk to more people in person. It was still fantastic though! I still need to upload my photos and blog about it.

Anyway, then I got home and my hubby left for Chicago for 4 days. I was a bit stressed about that, but we actually had a great week. He came home and on Fri we went to dinner with his co-workers/friends, and had a wonderful night. It was nice to finally spend some time together after a lot of separate traveling.

Sat morning we left early to go to the Chicago area for a wedding. It was wonderful and so much fun! It was Neils cousin, who I hadn't met yet, but I love his aunt and uncle so it was so great to see them there and meet some more of their family/children. It was so nice because even though the reception/dinner lasted a long time, there were activity bags for the kids and lots of musics. The kids had a great tome, and it was nice that it wasn't so formal that we had to worry about our wild children, even though they were the craziest of all the kids there. We loved the hotel of course... Well the breakfast and swimming anyway. I have never slept worse in a hotel before! Our neighbors were having a party all night long! They blasted the TV at some point, then at 2 am it was like the circus came to town. There were petiole in and out of there for an hour, telling and getting loud. It finally quieted down and I was able to fall back also until 4... For an hour it started all over again. Mabel was with us and it kept making her stir, and I don't know how many times she kicked me in the back or in the head. Lol. I didn't feel so bad anymore when our kids woke up at 7 and kept turning the radio on loud and jumping around the room, and doing all those normal kid things. I would have kept them quiet knowing that people were probably still sleeping, but since it was a ”normal” time for people to get up and be loud, I figured it was only fair to let them have their fun before checking out. ;) I promise I didn't encourage any of their noise making. Am I so awful?! Lol. I don't care.

Anyway... That brings me to this week. Finally back home and able to tackle the world. Boy did I feel overwhelmed and stressed! I had to keep reminding myself to just do one thing at a time... So I think I mailed out all my packages. If I didn't email you, and I owe you something, will you please let me know! I don't want to forget anyone! But that's about as far as I got this week. I feel like I have too many commitments to tackle and at least this week it was crazy overwhelming. I may seem like a flake if you've asked me to do something for you, and I'll admit that I probably ask, but that doesn't mean that I still don't think about it. I still am trying to accomplish it somehow. Just finding the time is the challenge. I definitely need to stop committing to things until I get everything finished. Help! Lol. ;)

So then, I got sick. Ok, I've been sick for a while, but this was different and a lot worse. They don't have after hours or anything here, so Wednesday evening I went to the er. Seems kind of extreme, but they found a few things going on with me, gave me an IV, some drugs, and sent me home after two hours. It did help. Neil left for Iowa City yesterday for the day, so a good friend said she'd be so kind and watch my kids for the day until he got back. At first it was so nice and I couldn't help imagine what life would be like with no kids (of course I would never give them up! But being able to stay in bed all day was so nice). Thank you! Then we went to Hunters parent teacher conference for preschool. He's such a good boy! I love him!

Now onto today... Still in bed. still miserable. Grateful for drugs but boy do I wish I were better! This is not so much fun anymore... I'm so grateful for my awesome hubby who is so nice to stay home and hold down the fort while I sleep the day away, and that he had a great boss who let him take the day off so he can help me!

Anyway, my point is, before I got sick, my new motto was going to be, one day at a time... or one thing at a time.  Today I am not going to think or stress about anything except getting rest and getting better. I stress and worry to much, and I need to stop and start enjoying more the things I am doing right now. :)

So anyway, that might mean that for a while I don't blog as much, and that's ok. I'm sorry I haven't been reading many blogs, if any. I hope no one takes it personal! Especially finally having met so many of you, this online world of friendships definitely is a delicate balance. If you want to find me, I might be busy browsing instagram in my wakeful moments. ;)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned! Oh, and I have to say, Hunter gets to wear a costume to preschool on Halloween (I'm so exited for him!) But this morning he told me he wants to be Blue from Blue's Clues. Now to figure that one out by Wednesday... ;)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Trick or Treat - Halloween Paper Piecing Blog Hop

Soma was so nice to invite me to join her Halloween blog hop! Thanks Soma! If you are visiting my blog for the first time, Welcome!! :) I hope you'll stop and stay a while. If you are new to the blog hop, check our Soma's blog, Whims and Fancies, to see the daily blocks and where all the other blog hoppers are! There are also some giveaways going on, so you don't want to miss those. :)

Paper Pieced Blog Hop Halloween 2012

I think Halloween is such a fun holiday. Well, besides haunted houses, scary movies, and all that evil stuff (those things I could do without), but decorating can be so fun and of course candy is always nice. ;) And I really do love dressing up! I had such a hard time coming up with what block to make, but I'll blog about that later. Right now I want to share with you my block and pattern!

Trick or Treat

I decided to go with a word pattern, which is proving to take longer than expected to piece. Yep, this is just my digital mock up. I'm using Riley Blakes "Trick and Treat" fabric bundle, which seems fitting. ;) So the patterns are different than what is in this photo, but the colors will be the same.
(I hate excuses, but the truth of the matter is that my husband was out of town all week, my sense of "this will take x amount of hours" is TOTALLY skewed!. I'll get my real block up later today so I hope you'll come back and check it out!)

You know how when you piece a block, even if you are using a solid fabric, the seam lines still show up a little? I think if you did all the letters in white, it kind of looks mummy-ish.

Or on a white background (I didn't leave the mock up lines in this one, and it's actually just a little bit different, if you can see where the letters are smoothed out. This is the font I started out with. I think it's called Green Fuz or something.)

So now for the sharing! I have a full pattern that contains 12 different letter pieces, instructions for combining the letters, and a small color block you can use to help plan out your colors. It does not include instructions for paper piecing. If you need some, there are tutorials all over blog land, including my 3 part tutorial which you can find here.

You can find the pattern for FREE in my Craftsy store
(oh, and print it at 100% or no scale)

***UPDATE: I added an extra seam allowance around the edge of my pattern without realizing it! I will fix the pattern once I get a chance. For now, the block will measure 11" square, 10.5" Finished. KEEP THE SCALE at 100% or NONE! All you need to do is trim 1/4" off each side once your block is complete
I promise if you do this it will turn out exactly the same as when I fix the pattern!

If you make this block I'd LOVE to see it! Share it on Craftsy and link it to my pattern, or add it to my flickr group. AND OF COURSE add it to the Blog Hop Flickr Group so you can win prizes!!!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Charming Travelers are on a roll!

The Master List

I feel like over the past few weeks, these Charming Travelers have been moving like lightning! Either I really was doing a horrible job at keeping track of them before, or I don't know what. Kind of fun! So anyway, they are up for grabs again! Wahoo! Pop on over to Grammie Q's where Charlotte has her giveaway open until the 20th!

Thanks Charlotte for the heads up! ;) Good luck everyone!


Wonky Quarters Quilt by Ann

I've been meaning to share this for a while now, so finally, here it is. :) Ann was so nice to purchase one of my patterns, Wonky Quarters, and sent me a picture of her finished quilt! She doesn't have a blog or anything, so she said I could post it on my blog. :) Yay!

Isn't' it beautiful?! I really like how she repeated the prints in each block. I always pictured this pattern as scrappy, so I LOVE seeing how someone else interprets it.

Here's what Ann said,
"I used “Alabama Roll Tide” fabrics and the houndstooth fabric. I love using black as the background. It usually makes all of the colors pop!...The pattern was very easy to follow and I especially liked the sized individual pieces that I could cut out and know they were the right size. I did all of my cutting first and then started sewing.  It goes together real fast. There’s two different Roll Tide pieces of fabric  used. They look basically the same until you see both pieces side by side. One has a lot of black in it and the fabric is slightly different in texture. I used the crimson solid color. And any time I do blocks, I almost always use black to separate them. It just seems to make each block individual."

I agree about the black. It looks fantastic!! Thank you so much for sharing with me Ann!!

If you use one of my patterns, free or paid, I'd love to see what you make with it! :) You can leave a comment on my blog, shoot me an email (fromblankpages{at}gmail{dot}com), or add it to the flickr group. :)


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Charming Travelers are at it again!

The Master List

Sara has her giveaway posted for the Charming Travelers over at Army Quilting! Make sure to go enter! (this is for US and Canada!) Open until the 17th.

Otherwise, I am busy busy trying to get ready to leave!! I will be *hopefully* going to bed early tonight so I can wake up at 3 to go to the airport in the morning. yikes. But I am SO excited. I'm not sure what I'm going to do exactly once I get there... not sure if my mom is going to come hang out with me for a few hours or not, so if you are going, you might see me snoozing on a couch, or just walking around, or most likely I'll be eating. I know I have at least a few stops to make: Sigfrieds, Harmon's (chocolate covered cinnamon bears, Stephen's Irish Creme hot chocolate - hoping they are making that flavor this year. sometimes I can't find it, but it is yummy!) and the temple. If you see me, be sure to stop me and say hi! :) I'm afraid I'm not going to know who anyone is!

Oh, and a quick update. If I owe you something in the mail... I'm sorry I am so behind on sending stuff out! I literally have a huge pile of things to send. Maybe I'll get them out today... but I don't know. All packages are basically ready, with an extra goody or so to make up for my tardiness, and they will be in the mail for sure next week!!! I promise!! Again, I am sorry. If I haven't already contacted you about it, please contact me and remind me, just so I don't forget anything.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FAL 4th Quarter Link up!

Can you believe Sewing Summit is in TWO days?! I am so excited! I didn't realize that we can't check into the hotel, so trying to figure out what I'll do/where I'll take a nap once I get there, but otherwise I am EX.CIT.ED!! ;) don't you love it when people do that with words? I don't know, but I just want to type it like it sounds in my head, so there you go. ;)

I'm trying to get everything ready today so I am not stressing out tomorrow, and so I can go to bed early tomorrow. Waking up at 3 am is not my idea of exciting, and I'm hoping I don't miss my flight... but of course I have to take care of the important things (really? I don't know that this is that important, but the kids are all asleep and I say I'm in need of some good down time after this crazy morning we had at the doctors). Wow, I am really running a lot of tangents today.

Ok, so here it is, my list of everything I'd love to, and will just probably only be dreaming about, finishing this quarter, aka, before the end of the year. I have a list for the 100 Day Hussle here, and this will probably be the same, except I do have to have pictures for everything... so here is my picture round up. Super ambitious, but it definitely helps me when the last minute comes around. ;)

Link your list here.

1. Candy Land Quilt - I'm planning on this one in the next week or two. (I forgot that my husband is leaving for a week the day after I get back.) :( I am going to miss him.

2. Moody Blues Quilt - I'll share more about this after it's finished.

3. Kaleidoscope Quilt - can I be honest? I wish I had put it together like this:
Kaleidoscope QAL, Layout 1
lol. my first attempt at a design wall, in my stairway.

Would I be officially crazy if I took all the blocks apart and pieced it like that? Please tell me to not too, unless you vote for the other layout too. ;) I'd rather have a quilt that I love than always wish I had done it different.

4. Mabel's quilt - would love to get her quilt done by Christmas at the latest. Especially since it's already getting so cold!

5. Advent calendar

6. Nest quilt, + pattern

7. AMH quilt, + pattern
There's something I really like about this, but it's way too busy... What to do.

9. Giant Granny Quilt, + pattern

10. Mug rugs

11. bags for the shop, or maybe presents

a lot of these were on my list for last quarter. So hopefully I'll remember and finally get these out of the way!

wow. I have too many projects. Ok, I am now committing to not start any new projects until these are finished... unless they are for blog hops, Christmas presents, or other commitments (i.e. swaps). lol. Just no more for me or my shop or for fun. lol. :)


Monday, October 8, 2012

Candy Land Quilt Progress!

Can you believe this quilt has taken me so long? Ok, I can. But still. I am SO happy to at least have the top done! It will be complete once I get back from the Sewing Summit! This quilt is the do.Good Stitches quilt from February (hanging my head in shame), from the Harmony Circle. The pattern is the Candy Land quilt, and I have a tutorial for each block style that can be found here. The measurements are for 1 or 2 blocks, not the whole quilt, so this is great if you want to use it for a quilting bee, or where multiple people will be contributing blocks.

 Man, what an awesome group of girls we had! I still miss them and wish I could be back sewing with them some days. :) Rachel finally sent me a message last month giving me the kick in the butt I needed to get going on this. Trust me, this has been at the top of my list, or 5 lists, for months and months! Thanks Rachel for the welcomed nagging. ;) I needed it. I guess I'm good at skipping around on my lists... Anyway, I think this is the ONLY thing I worked on in September (darn that feeling sick!).

Coming together. And loving it!

I finished the top Sunday morning and had fun taking pictures! They don't give a super clear picture of what it actually looks like in normal light (except the first picture), but I LOVE the "stained glass" look. :)

The softest, lightest blocks went in the middle, with the darker blocks around the outside. I think my two straight blocks actually ended up being the darkest. oops. I'm super impressed with how well they all go together!


I think it's interesting how all the different columns look with the sun light behind the quilt. Everyone ironed their strips just a little bit differently and it makes it look like the columns are different widths. They really are all the same!


Everyone did such an excellent job! I really had no problems lining up all the different blocks, and they all match great! I'm so glad that my tutorial really did work since I was the last one to use it!! lol.
Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who helped me!! I can't wait to quilt this!! :)



The Charming Travelers Update!

The Master List

Christa has a giveaway up over at Dolci Deleria for The Charming Travelers
Her giveaway is open until Wednesday the 10th, so hurry and hop over there and enter!
This is for the red pack, US only.

The next stop for the blue pack (Canada included) is at Army Quilting, with Sara. Keep your eyes open for the giveaway post, and hopefully I'll catch it too and let you know! :)

I am updating the map as I type this... ;)


Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm a Mormon!

I'm sure some of you know I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka, a Mormon, aka LDS. they're all the same thing). Some may not. Some of you may know members of this church, and some may not. I'm sure some of you are members. I'm sure everyone has heard of at least one "Mormon", Mitt Romney, it's kind of hard to ignore him right now. Anyway, the point of my post today is to share with you an opportunity to learn a little bit more, if you are interested. (all links shared are to the official webpage of the church.)

The fastest overview of some of our most important beliefs can be found in the Articles of Faith. Joseph Smith wrote the Articles of Faith in 1842 to help people who are not members of the Church understand how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is different from other churches.

The sixth Article of Faith reads, "We believe in the same organization that existed in the Primitive Church, namely, apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and so forth."

Just like there were prophets in the Old Testament, Adam, Noah, Moses, we believe that God has called modern prophets today. Joseph Smith was a prophet. We have a living prophet today, President Thomas S. Monson. He has two counselors, you can see them here. We have 12 apostles, just as Christ called apostles to help lead His church. You can see who the current apostles are here. Pretty awesome.

 Come listen to living prophets

Why I want to share this with you now, is because twice a year we as a church, and the world, have the opportunity to listen to these men, and other leaders of the church speak to us in what we call General Conference. It is 4 - 2 hour sessions that are held over the first Saturday/Sunday in April and then again in October. Yep, this weekend (sessions start at 10 am MST and 2 pm MST). The speakers study, ponder and pray about the messages they share. Some talks are specific to members, and some are specific to non-members (Elder Russell M. Nelson is a good example of this from yesterday mornings session). Some may be specific to certain age groups, life circumstances, or gender, but all are full of wisdom and answers, and often promises. Watching/listening and later being able to study the talks in the Ensign/Liahona (a church magazine), always helps me find direction and wisdom for my own life. It doesn't matter how old you are, who you are, or where you are. It doesn't even matter what language you speak (the church is in over 150 nations and is translated into many languages), God is your God and He loves you. He wants you to be happy!


You obviously don't have to view any of these links, videos, or conference. I am grateful that I have a blog where I can share so many of my activities and projects with you, as well as a peak into my family life on occasion. Here is one of those times when I want to welcome you to come past the computer screen and get a little bit deeper glance into my life and who I am. :) If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. If you want to meet more Mormons, or read more about us on a more basic level, I invite you to visit Mormon.org, where average members share their stories, experiences, and a bit more about the church. There are musicians, actors, politicians, garbage men, bloggers, teachers, athletes, Olympians, etc.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, October 5, 2012

1 day left for 3rd Quarter FAL projects!

Wow! I almost missed this!!! Are you participating in the Finish-A-Long at Quilter in the Gap? Well, there is only one day left for the 3rd Quarter! I almost missed it, so I didn't want anyone else to either!! :)

I have ONE finished project to link up... not a very successful quarter, but oh well. It's the Rainbow Me Happy quilt. You can find my post about it here. And my original post for the pre-3rd quarter is here.


The link ups for pre-4th quarter is open on the 8th, so don't miss that either! You could definitely add your projects for the 100 Day Hustle to this list to help kill two birds with one stone. :)

Since I'm trying to hurry and finish up the Candy Land quilt before Sewing Summit, I think I'm going to try and see if I can't finish it in the next day! How awesome would that be?! Then I'd have two finishes. I am telling you, this last minute motivation is awesome for me!! I hope that Rhonda keeps doing this every year! ;)


Thursday, October 4, 2012

from blank pages... #11

I am waiting for  two addresses to forward onto The Fat Quarter Shop - I emailed you this morning - so if it's you, be sure to email me! I'll send off all the info for The Fat Quarter Shop together. ALL emails regarding prizes have been sent! For everyone else, I contacted all the shops and passed on your info! You should hear back from them in the next day or so! :) Thank you to everyone who left your email in the comments! That was a huge help so I didn't have to do as much searching. ;) Congrats to everyone! :)

from blank pages... linky party

I think September was national sewing month, or at least for some reason that's what I remember seeing somewhere. Well, I don't think I sewed much of anything at all! Last night I started freaking out about the Sewing Summit since I will be leaving in a few hours short of a week!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!!!! But guess what, I am not.ready. nope. So do you know what I started this week? ok today? A list.

What I've started... A list! :) you know, of the important stuff.  Sharing on the from blank pages linky party today.
eww. these photos are yucky yellow. They didn't look like this on my phone. sorry. I need to stop taking so many phone pictures and get out my actual cameras again!

This is definitely the most important list. Priorities you know. If I forget all my clothes and walk around in my underwear the whole time, at least I won't forget to eat good food and get some of my beloved, and greatly missed chocolate covered cinnamon bears! lol. Seriously though, this stuff is important. ;) If only someone was coming down from Logan and could bring me some Lemon Custard Aggie Ice Cream! oooohhhh. melt-in-your-mouth-to-die-for-ice-cream. That's what it should really be called. lol.

Ok, so then I made another list. This one is my BEFORE list. pretty important too, I guess. Lol.

The before list...

I think if I wasn't still in such a rut of no energy, being sick, blah blah blah, I would also add a purse to the list (which I did start, but need to finish), as well as a pouch, a sewing kit pouch, and perhaps the duffle bag I bought the pattern for last year. I will be with the "heathens" as they call themselves in the google group - the people who aren't making anything pre-sewingsummit. :)

oh, and of course I do need to make a list of supplies. ;) (I do have one started on my phone.

I think overall this is a pretty good starting point! Wahoo! :) But now the countdown is on! I can't believe it!!!

Other sewing summit news... I'm staying in the hotel! Wahoo!!! We finally worked it out and I'm so excited! :) SO excited for the people I'm staying with too! THANKS!!!! Now the only thing I'm a bit nervous about is leaving at 3 am to drive to the airport. I hope I survive that first Thursday!

One note from last week... I was dumb and totally ruined the surprise for what pattern I was going to share for the blog hop. I am now doing something different than the cat... just so you know! So you better come by and see! Have you been checking out the patterns that have already been shared? They're AWESOME!! :) You can get a preview of all of them at Whims and Fancies!! plus there are giveaways! just saying.
Halloween Blog Hop

So now it's your turn! What beginnings do you have to celebrate?

Just a few things with the link up:

  1. PLEASE make sure to link back to this post in your blog post! Let others know where you're sharing your projects so they can come share theirs as well! :) You can also grab a button from my sidebar.
  2. Make sure you are talking about some kind of beginnings in your post. If I can't figure out how it ties into this theme, I'll have to delete your link. no offense.
  3. stop by others posts and leave some comment love! :) 

Linky will be open until Saturday night! :)

p.s. since I'll be at the sewing summit next week, or at least on my way, I will not be hosting this linky party next week... unless someone wants to host it for me!! That would be fun! :) let me know.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

FQBH Winners!!

Quilting for a Cause

Sorry I didn't announce the winners yesterday, I was still waiting on some judging... but the votes are IN! :) Before I get to the good stuff, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the blog hop! This was my first blog hop and I had SO much fun! I really appreciate all the nice comments and feedback that I've already received about it. It makes me giddy inside to know that others enjoyed this as well! If you have any comments, feedback or advice on how I could run a better blog hop if I do another one, ever. I would LOVE to hear what you have to say!! Be honest! and Thanks! :)

Judges Picks:

Ok, So I wasn't sure how to divvy up the judges top picks, so I just randomly picked prizes to go with their top votes.

First up:

$40 Gift Card to Sew Fresh Fabrics
Generous Contributors!

goes to Lee's pick, of Freshly Pieced:

this *awesome* pillow by Whitney of The Peacock Tree.

Next up:

One Gift Card to Fabric.com
Free Shipping on orders $35+

goes to: Faith's top pick, of Fresh Lemons Quilts

Wall art by Markia of Live, Laugh, Love... Sew


$25 Gift Card to Fresh Squeezed Fabrics

goes to Megan's top pick, of Canoe Ridge Creations:

Friendship Bag by Jane of Buzzmills

Congrats ladies on some beautiful projects!! :) And thanks Lee, Faith and Megan for helping out!!

Now for the rest of the prizes!!

Westwood Acres
a layer cake OR jelly roll of 
Amy Butler's Lark collection
goes to:

9. Juliet of Tartankiwi

Fat Quarter shop is giving away 3 prizes:

the layer cake of Simply Color by V and Co.
goes to:

3. Friendship Hexie Pouch by Samantha of Making Life Prettier

charm pack of Metropolitan Fair by Barbara Brackman
goes to:
16. Dana @ Water Penny
 Friendship bracelet quilt
charm pack of Tapestry by Fig Tree Quilts 
goes to:
 17. Danielle Hudson of Fresh Off the Spool
Pink Chalk Fabrics 
3 - $20 Gift Cards to Pink Chalk Fabrics go to:
6. Friendship iPad Bean Bag by Kristin at Pritty Tings

 check out ET! Awesome!

 I can't share the photo, so be sure to click on the link and check out her beautiful quilt if you haven't already!
The other 2 - $20 Gift Cards are for the 80's photos! Thanks for digging up your old photos and sharing them with us! I had a blast remember things I'd forgotten from my younger years!

Ok, the winners are:

3. Taryn
I have to say, this popples shirt is awesome! I actually still have my sister's and my popples from when we were little! My kids love them. :)

 Congrats to all the winners! And a HUGE thanks to the wonderful sponsors for this event!! I hope you will stop by their wonderful shops and give them some support!! :)

If you continue to make Friendship Quilts in the future, I would still love to see them! You can share them in the from blank pages... flickr group! :)

*** If I have your email I will email you as well as pass it along to the different sponsors so they can contact you about your prizes. If I don't have your email, I will wait until I hear back from you, so either leave a comment, or send me an email at fromblankpages@gmail.com.