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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Call for Testers

If you are on Instagram, you probably already saw this, but I wanted to ask any of you bloggers out there who aren't on IG, if you wanted to help out too. I am SO close to finishing my next quilt pattern! Giving myself an obligation to finish it will definitely give me that extra oomph I need to get it done. SO... my goal is to send it out to testers by this weekend.

Pattern name: Ribbon Candy

Would you like to pattern test it for me??

Last night I shared the quilt top of my next quilt pattern, Ribbon Candy. The pattern is so close to being done... I just need a little extra motivation to get it done. Does anyone have some extra time and want to pattern test for me? (it's a quick patter

I shared my finished baby quilt size top for the first time at the Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild meeting last night. (I like to keep my patterns a little bit of a surprise until the release date. makes it a little more fun I think!)

If you would like to test it for me, leave a comment with your email. If you decide you hate it, or life happens and can't complete it, I totally understand. But please be honest in your commitment and don't sign up knowing you won't be able to complete it. I ask that you have a finished quilt top (doesn't have to be a finished quilt, but finished is better) by the end of February. (it's a fast pattern. The baby size can easily be finished in a few hours.) I will also organize a blog hop when the pattern is released, just like I did with my Grandma's Lawn Chair pattern, lots of pattern giveaways included! ;) Also, I will have specific questions I'd like to get feedback on. Pattern testing = I want all the feedback you can give me! The good and the ugly. I can take it.

It's a very quick pattern and jelly roll friendly. The pattern is for three sizes: baby, crib, and lap. It includes templates as well as instructions for not using templates. There are lots of diagrams and instructions. And instructions for lots of variations, to make the process as smooth as possible for however you want to make it! :) I am really excited to get this finished, and will be making myself a lap size quilt with my stack of Anna Maria Horner's True Colors that I recently purchased. :) (thank you #thegreatfabricdestash and everyone who helped me destash, errrr, trade out my stash.)


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No Obligation Sewing

I don't know how it happened, but the other day I found myself sitting at my sewing machine sewing up some pouches that had no purpose! It seems like it has been forever since I've sat down and sewn for fun. Of course sewing is always fun, but it seems like everything has some obligation tied to it, which isn't bad, but ties a ting of stress to it. I've wanted to try reverse applique for a long time, and decided to take a time-out and try something new. It was fantastic!! And I'm pleasantly surprised with what I came up with!

This is the first one I came up with. I wanted to do a "quilty" design and based this design off of HST's.

I stitched the design with the fabric on the back of the linen. Then cut out the linen ONLY that was between the stitches (the only tricky part). I really want to put a tutorial together for this. It is SO simple and quick, and so much fun!

I was really brave to use this fabric for my first go. But I'm glad I did! I love it.
I used some AMH lollipop for the liner as well. I decided I'll send this to one of my Pay It Forward friends from last year (that I never sent out. oops. A new baby and a move will do that.) ;)

Then I went with hearts for Valentine's Day, though I don't think I'll get these sent out in time for that. But that is ok, because these are the PERFECT size for my Just Because... love notes. (I have been using the "thank you" notes for everything!! I love these!)


the back.
I scored a bunch of this raspberry henna garden for a great price, and it's been so fun to actually use it! (it's easy to use the good stuff when you have a lot of it.) ;)

this was actually the first heart one I made. It was hard to photograph the pink with the black. It looks crazy neon, but it's really not. I really love this print.

some Tula Pink for the liner.

I like the quilty designs better and came up with this one. It's my favorite so far!


More Tula Pink for the liner. This will be a #payitforward2013 gift too.

and there you go! I made a few really fun things! I crossed a few things off my to-do list, and I'm blogging! Does it get much better than this?! ;)

What have you been sewing for fun lately?