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Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Birthday is in March!! LET'S CELEBRATE!!

My birthday is coming up and I've been contemplating what I should do to celebrate! Last year I offered each of my patterns at discounted prices, one per day. That was fun! I've also done giveaways and coupons. And I can't remember what else, but I know every year it's been something different. I am kind of excited about my idea for this year, and I hope you'll play along!!

I feel like it might be a little selfish asking this, but it is my birthday after all, right?! :D Here's what I've got set up:

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Etsy is AWESOME!!

I don't know if you've heard, but Etsy is setting up their website to start collecting and handling EU VAT taxes!! WAHOO!! That means that any seller, anywhere in the world, can sell digital items to every person everywhere in the world! And we, the sellers, do not need to worry about collecting or submitting VAT! I am more than excited for this welcome announcement. You can read more about this update HERE.

I commented on the linked post above, and asked if we needed to wait until the update to the site was made before we should start listing and selling our patterns. Nadine responded to me today telling me,
"I saw your question on the most recent Seller Handbook article about VAT and I wanted to let you know that you may list your digital items now.

"Etsy is taking responsibility for collecting VAT from EU buyers purchasing digital items delivered by automatic download. Until we make the site update necessary to collect VAT from those buyers, Etsy will pay the VAT on digital items sold to buyers in the EU and delivered by automatic download. After the VAT collection process is in place on the site, we will begin collecting VAT from buyers during checkout and remitting it to the appropriate tax authorities."

How awesome and exciting is that?!!! I think it's pretty awesome!

Anyway, so what does that mean for me and you?! Well, first off, it means that every one of my patterns is now listed and available for purchase in EVERY country in the world! Second, it means that I have enabled the INSTANT DOWNLOAD feature again. When you purchase a pattern, it will be available instantly from the Etsy website, and you will be able to go back and download it whenever you need it. (Please remember: do not share patterns with friends and family. Please direct them to my shop so they can purchase the patterns for themselves. Thank You!!)

THIRD, and pretty excitedly, I am so excited that I am offering 15% off your total purchase in my shop!

Use the coupon code: "WAHOO" at checkout!
No minimum purchase required.
Coupon valid for a limited time only.

Here, take a peek at what's available!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Pattern Coming Soon! + Name That Pattern Giveaway!

I really needed a change of pace this week, so I pulled out an old pattern I'd made up a while ago. Well, I'm glad it sat for a while, because it definitely needed some fine tuning. I love those glimpses that let me see that my skills are indeed improving. ;) And because I get too excited about new patterns, and am horrible at keeping them a secret until they are complete, I've decided to walk you through this crazy set of similar, but different, patterns.

About this pattern:
  1. This pattern contains 5 different patterns
  2. The lines and design of each pattern are the SAME, but the layering is DIFFERENT
  3. All patterns are interchangeable and totally compatible with each other!
  4. You can make a 4 quadrant square design, OR make borders and other shapes depending on how you arrange the blocks. This is where I get in trouble... TOO many options!! (are options a bad thing??)
  5. I'll be including TONS of coloring pages.
  6. All patterns are labeled the same to eliminate confusion when combining patterns.

Now let me show you:

1. Here are the 5 different patterns. I've colored them all exactly the same to make it easier to see the differences.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January 2015 Finishes

I've decided to make it a goal this year to document all my finishes for the year. I really don't have any idea what all I made last year, though I'd love to go back and compile a list (which I did end up starting HERE. I need to make some cool mosaics to make my list more interesting though). I figure if I blog about each months finishes, that will be much easier to keep track of it all for this year. (Plus it will give me a good excuse to make sure I blog). ;)

January's projects were pretty simple, but nice to get some things finished!

I made two Love mug rugs:

 one as part of Sandi's Learn More Sew More event:

I REALLY love having a square mug rug. I think it's my new favorite mug rug shape!