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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Expiring SOON!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!! Christmas definitely snuck up on me, but the past few days have been absolutely fabulous! I hope they have been for you as well!!

I have been bombarded with promotional emails over the last week, and I don't want to add to the overwhelming mass marketing going on right now, but I DO want to let you know that there are only a few days left to grab the Zodiac BOM pattern!!  

It is expiring on December 31st at midnight!

All of the patterns have been released and are now available! I also updated the Aquarius pattern a little, and I hope it goes together a little more smoothly. (I didn't get any complaints about it, but it didn't meet my own expectations, so hopefully this is better!)

What are others making?!

Be sure to join the Facebook group to see the amazing creations that everyone is making!

You can also check out all the hashtags on Instagram to see the blocks being shared on there as well!

I am seriously so impressed!! Everyone is so creative and talented! and these quilts will be gorgeous!! And look close! Because these aren't just being made into quilts! I love the creativity!

Here's what I'm making!

I have been working on hand quilting my Aquarius mini quilt all year long! I've been working on it every Thursday night while I wait for my oldest at cub scouts. It's been a slow process, but I am ALMOST done! If I can I'm going to do whatever it takes to finish it before the year is over! I think I can make it! :)

I don't have a design wall, so I haven't been able to hang up all my blocks together. Instead, I've been using Photoshop to put all my blocks together. It's not perfect, but it's been a fun way to see the quilt grow. I'm ready to sew it all together.... except now I don't know if I want to add sashing. too many decisions.

I am also going to make this Gemini/Taurus quilt. I have all the templates printed and cut out, and my fabric assigned. So hopefully this will be a quick finish this year, well, next year. 

I'm going to use fabrics by 1canoe2.  I can't wait to get this pieced together!

AND.... I have a long list of quilts that I want to make with these patterns! There are just so many possibilities! I love it!

What's still to come!

Hosting this block of the month has been a huge learning curve for me, and unfortunately due to unexpected life events, some of the things I had hoped to do didn't happen. BUT that doesn't mean they won't happen. I still have them on my to-do list, and I have a few other things I'm adding as well!

A quick overview of what you get:
  • 12 patterns in 3 sizes each (9 inch, 12 inch, and 18 inch finished block sizes)
  • lots of coloring pages
  • cutting templates
  • assembly instructions
  • fabric requirements
  • access to a video tutorial that includes all of my tips and tricks for using cutting template
  • coming soon: video tutorial for my techniques and tips for paper piecing
What I'm adding:
  • sashing ideas, sashing ideas, and more awesome sashing ideas!
Originally I was going to only include some very basic sashing ideas. But then I started writing up the instructions for them, and came up with some pretty awesome design ideas! For everyone who purchases the Zodiac BOM pattern before the end of the year, will receive ALL of the new sashing instructions and patterns. They will really be a great way to expand the pattern possibilities!! Just check these ones out!

 Here are two examples of sashing ideas that will work with the Aquarius pattern! (as well as a few of the other blocks). I whited out the actual block so you can see exactly where the sashing is! On the left, the design is one sashing thick, while the design on the right is two sashing thick (and a different pattern). It's a fun way to expand the block design as well as grow the size of your quilt!

 Here's the Aries block with the sashing. This one shows the sashing two thick between the blocks. This creates an amazing weave pattern!

I'll be creating sashing patterns like this for all of the blocks! And these will be sent out for free to everyone who purchases the Zodiac pattern by Saturday night!


What happens on January 1st?!?

On January 1st, each of the 12 Zodiac patterns will be sold as individual patterns. That means you will be able to purchase only 1 pattern, or any combination of patterns, without having to get all of the patterns. (Each pattern will still include all 3 sizes).

Each individual pattern will still include:
  • The individual pattern in 3 sizes (9 inch, 12 inch, and 18 inch finished block sizes)
  • coloring pages
  • cutting templates
  • assembly instructions
  • fabric requirements for the individual block
  • access to a video tutorial that includes all of my tips and tricks for using cutting template*
  • coming soon: video tutorial for my techniques and tips for paper piecing*
*videos will become public whether you purchase the pattern or not.

 What will be different:
  • Patterns will be priced as individual patterns, not at the bundled price
  • Sashing pattern swill be an inexpensive add on, you can pick and choose which ones you want. You'll even be able to use these as individual patterns independent of the Zodiac patterns!

Anyway, I just want to let you know of the changes! If you've been wanting to grab all of these patterns, now's the time to do so!!

And if you happened to fall behind with your blocks this year, don't fret!! There is no deadline. And I know that a few people are just starting now! So you're not alone if you want to start up again. I'm hoping to make at least a few more projects with them as well this year! So we can still quilt them together! And of course I'm always here if you have any questions!


As always, Happy Quilting! & Happy Creating!!

And I hope you have a happy and safe new year!!

Monday, December 5, 2016

American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast

Happy Monday!! Well, I hope it is! That always seems like an oxymoron to say that. ;)

Anyway... I wanted to share with you my exciting news and invite you to come join me!

Have you ever listened to the American Patchwork and Quilting podcast with Pat Sloan? If you haven't you should! It's really fun to listen to and *meet* a wide variety of quilters and people from all over! At least for me, I like getting an inside glimpse of peoples personalities besides what they edit and share on social media. And Pat Sloan is absolutely great! It would be hard for me to talk to totally random people on the spot and keep it interesting and not awkward, so what she is able to do is absolutely fantastic and really enjoyable!

So if you wanted to check it out, you should definitely come listen to it TODAY! Because guess who's going to be on??? ME!

I'm really excited!! and a bit nervous, but I think it will be fun!

The show starts at 4 pm EST
Here is a time converter for your time zone.

or you can subscribe on iTunes.

I hope you'll come cheer me on! And that you enjoy it!! ;)

Have a great day!!