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Monday, June 30, 2014

New Pattern: Celestial Star! and QAL update!

Thank you everyone for your great response to a Celestial Star Quilt Along!! I am finalizing a few details and will begin sending out info today! I am getting really excited!!! :) As part of the quilt along I am planning on covering all the basis: picking fabrics that will make your design POP! Using the cutting templates, and even learn how to use them for perfect fussy cutting! How to piece the patterns, tips for joining them together, as well as tips for completing your block. Finishing your quilt, quilting, and binding. (If you feel confident in any of these areas and would like to guest post during the QAL, let me know! I'd love to have you, as we all have so much to contribute, and while everyone does things a little differently, it's great to see all the different techniques together.)

Until then...

If you can't wait for the QAL, I want to let you know that the Celestial Star pattern is now available to purchase!!

You can find it on Craftsy and Etsy in the following sizes:

Cathedral Star 12in Cathedral Star 18in Cathedral Star 24in

Or purchase them all together and save!

Cathedral Star Collection 

Did you know that it also comes with a border pattern??!! I think this would be a great start for a medallion quilt. Or as is. I can't wait to get started on more blocks... and show you the ones I've made already. ;) 

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Would You Be Interested??? and a giveaway

Hi! Long time no blogging. How are you? I'm good. :) Yep, we now live in Idaho and it is a dream!! I was so nervous about Idaho, but I absolutely LOVE it here! Great neighbors, great town, great church ward, it's beautiful!, bike trails, mountains, cool weather. What more could I ask for?! I have lots to share... but until then, I've also been working hard!!

Do you remember my pillow I made last year with the Liberty prints?

Well, the pattern is finally ready to send out to testers and get published! Wahoo!! I am loving this pattern! The designs are so versatile and endless. I could make this pattern a hundred times and not get bored with it. So... I was thinking of putting together a Quilt Along! what do you think???

I made a mock up of different designs I could put together. Do you believe it? ALL of these designs come from ONE BLOCK! ONE PATTERN! It's too much fun.

The pattern will be available in 12", 18", and 24" finished block sizes (sold separately or bundled at a discounted price). If I make this with 24" blocks the finished quilt will be 72" x 96". Or you could go smaller with the 18" block and make a 54" x 72" which would be a great size for the couch. Or do 3 x 3 blocks instead of the 3 x 4 I have shown here. or make some intense baby blankets with the 12" blocks and the above layout would finish at 36" x 48". Or make the larger blocks in a 4x4 layout.... anyway, you get the idea.

I have the QAL all planned out in my head and I think it will be awesome!! But before I begin recruiting guest bloggers, and sponsors, and I want to find out how much interest there is in this. Will you join me??? If there are only a few people interested then I'll probably pass and just blog about it rather than do all out. (sorry). But if there is a LOT of interest then I am going to work my butt off to get awesome prizes, sponsors, and guest bloggers with tips and design ideas, etc.

SO.... if you are interested, PLEASE help spread the word so more people can know about it and share their interest as well!

Do you want to join a Celestial Star Quilt Along???

If yes: Leave a comment and say YES! 

I will also pick a winner or two to win a free copy of the pattern!

I will begin planning as soon as I feel that I've received a large enough response here on the blog. So direct all your friends here. :) Depending on how long that takes, I'm hoping to start the QAL mid-July. Pattern should be released in the next week or two.

Thanks so much! 
I hope you're all having an amazing summer!! :)