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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What do you think?

Should I go with this?

FTLOS Round 2 - How about this?
yes, I know I still need more points on the bottom blue star, but besides that. ???


FTLOS - Round 2, Take 2

I've finally started on my project for my partner. She's kind of hit and miss with her comments, so I'm not sure if she really likes what her mosaic suggests? or if she'd rather have something more colorful and bright? or what???

Anyway, I did end up changing my mosaic around. I decided that if I got something for my home, I'd want something that fit in a little better... rather than being a bit to bright. Here is my second mosaic for the group. (My first is here - which I do still love also. It's just so hard to choose sometimes.)

FTLOS Round 2 - Mosaic 2

And here is what I have started on for my partner... (I still need to do some cutting)


Nothing has been sewn yet. Just testing the waters. The edges will finish like the left side and the top. I'm thinking I could do some quilting to emphasis the grey squares a little? I don't know.

Maybe add some blue to fill in some of the holes?

FTLOS 2 - add more colors?
I like the one on the far right.

Now I guess it's just time to wait and see if she comments. :)

p.s. did I mention that I finished up my Christmas present AND another project?! Wahoo! :) January was productive after all! ;)


Friday, January 27, 2012


Do you ever get done with something and it's like you want to collapse on the floor with relief?! That's how I feel after putting the tutorial together for the Candy Land Quilt. It's been on my mind for the last two weeks, bugging me to finish it! I honestly didn't think it would take that long... I decided to do the whole thing in Illustrator (which I LOVE and am so grateful for that program!) But I spent all day on the computer yesterday. Thank goodness for grandma's who love to have little boys come over and destroy her house. ;) (They're not that bad.) Anyway, after all that work I just want to do one more post of it! (Mostly because I didn't put the front and back together and want to see them together.) :) I'm pretty excited for this!! :)

do.Good Stitches, Feb quilt layoutdoGood-feb-back

Front and Back
I think it will be so fun!! What little girl wouldn't love this on her bed, right?! ;)
You can find all the instructions for putting this together here.

Now I'm off to relax and breathe and avoid the computer like the plague. heehee.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Candy Land Quilt: the Backing

This tutorial is for the back of a quilt we are making for our February do.Good Stitches quilt. You can find the rest of the tutorials for this quilt by going to the main post.

Here is how I am thinking of doing the back of this quilt.

Of course it will look better with lots of prints, and probably a different arrangement than what is shown. It will kind of be a reverse to the front. Each color block will measure 12.5"x12.5" square - unfinished. And in the second row from the left, instead of having the little strips of color, I thought it would be fun to just have 4 strips of white going all the way from the top to the bottom.

These 5 blocks will be super easy to assemble.

*** I am thinking that maybe it would look good to use the same colors as the front, except in darker values. Just to add a little more contrast! :)

To complete the back you will need:

15 - 12.5" x 12.5" squares, in an assortment of colors
5 blocks using the following block tutorial

For 1 Block


from the background fabric
3 - 2.5" x 12.5" strips
2 - 1.5" x 12.5" strips

from white fabric
4 - 1.5" x 12.5" strips.

Then piece them together in the same order (measurement wise) as we did in the Straight Line blocks.

Piece all the squares together for the back.
Then baste, quilt, bind, and it's finished! :) I can't wait to see how it all really comes together. :)

If anyone makes this, outside of my do.Good Stitches group (who can obviously also share your blocks here), I'd love to see them! You can share them in my flickr group! :)

You can find the rest of the tutorials for this quilt by going to the main post.


Candy Land Quilt: Corner Block Tutorial

This tutorial is for one block of a quilt we are making for our February do.Good Stitches quilt. You can find the rest of the tutorials for this quilt by going to the main post.


Here is the corner block tutorial. I am going to only type up the tutorial for one block. If you want a faster piecing method for the scraps for 2 blocks, just follow the same technique as in the tutorial for the Straight Line block tutorial. The only difference is that you will unpick the strips into the lengths shown later in this tutorial. (the required number of scrappy squares is the same, so it all works out. If you have any questions, be sure to ask!) :) This really only has a few variations from the straight line block, and is actually also fairly simple! More like making one corner of a log cabin block. All seams have 1/4" seam allowance.

Instructions for 1 Block:


From Background Fabric (BGF) Cut 1 of each:
2.5” x 2.5”                               1.5” x 3.5”
2.5” x 5.5”                               1.5” x 4.5”
2.5” x 7.5”                               1.5” x 8.5”
2.5” x 10.5”                             1.5” x 9.5”
2.5” x 12.5”                                              

SHORTCUT to cutting: 
Cut 2 strips of 2.5" x 18" - cut one down to 5.5" and 12.5" pieces, the other into 10.5" and 7.5" pieces
Cut 2 strips of 1.5" x 13" - cut one down to 3.5" and 9.5" pieces, the other into 8.5" and 4.5" pieces.

From scraps:
 cut 48 squares - 1.5" x 1.5"

Sew your scraps into the following lengths of squares: (each are one scrap wide, make one of each length)


2 squares                    7 squares
3 squares                    8 squares
4 squares                    9 squares
5 squares                    10 squares

Next, with your 2.5"x2.5" BGF square as the starting piece, we are going to build onto the top and side of it like this in the order shown. (I have numbered the strip so you know which to use next.)

doGood-feb-coner-bgf-numb  doGood-feb-corner-SS-numb

It will come together about like this:
don't pay attention to the proportions so much, I exaggerated them so you can see how they will fit together.

and here is how your finished block should look, of course your seams don't have to be in the exact places, but you get the idea. :)

Congrats! You are finished!

If anyone makes this, outside of my do.Good Stitches group, I'd love to see them! 
You can share them in my flickr group! :)

You can find the rest of the tutorials for this quilt by going to the main post.


Candy Land Quilt: Straight Block Tutorial

Yikes, I should really figure out a new name to call this quilt. :) It was called, do.Good Stitches - Feb. Block, but have sensed changed it... thanks to Cori! ;)

This tutorial is for one block of a quilt we are making for our February do.Good Stitches quilt. You can find the rest of the tutorials for this quilt by going to the main post.


Ok, so here is the tutorial for making the Straight Line blocks for our February do.Good Stitches quilt. I have two sets of instructions - one is for just one block, and then one is for 2 blocks and includes a shortcut for sewing lots of scraps together. All instructions include a 1/4" seam allowance.

 So first, super quick and easy:

Instructions for 1 Block


From your background fabric (BGF):

doGood-feb-straight-lines-white1 doGood-feb-straight-white-2
can you read that? 3 strips - 2.5" x 12.5"
and 2 strips - 1.5" x 12.5"

From your scraps:

48 random squares - 1.5" x 1.5"

Randomly piece the scrappy squares together so you have 4 strips with 12 squares each. (The strips should measure 12.5" by 1.5") (Scrappy Strips = SS)

Next piece the strips together in this order:

2.5" BGF +  SS + 1.5" BGF + SS + 2.5" BGF + SS + 1.5" BGF + SS + 2.5" BGF

And you are finished! Quick and painless, and super cute! :)

Now if you are making multiple blocks, to help keep your sanity, and not have to deal with 96 tiny squares (or more if you are making more than 2 blocks), here is another way to put these together. :) (Of course if you are working purely from scraps, just follow the instructions for 1 block. But if you are planning on cutting from fabric, or using the same fabric for multiple squares, this will make things much easier. Adjust for how many different prints you are using, as well as how many blocks you are making. If you have questions on how to do that, just ask in the comments or shoot me an email!) :)

Instructions for 2 Blocks
(or easily adjust for more)


From your background fabric (BGF):

doGood-feb-straight-white-1.2 doGood-feb-straight-white-2.2
6 strips - 2.5" x 12.5"
4 strips - 1.5" x 12.5"

From your scraps:

This is where it will vary depending on how many colors you are using, and how many prints. The goal is to end up with 96 - 1.5" x 1.5" squares for every 2 blocks. For the sake of example I will calculate it as follows:

  • for the do.Good stitches quilt we are using 6 colors = 16 squares per color
  • if everyone uses 4 prints in each color = 24 prints = 4 squares/fabric
From each of 24 prints cut 1 strip that is 1.5" x 6" (sorry no pictures.)

Once your fabric is cut, sew 12 of those scrap strips together along the 6" side. Repeat with the remaing 12 strips. You should now have two strips that are 12.5" x 6". (TIP: when sewing these together, alternate the sides you start from - this will keep them straight. If, looking at the picture below, you always start your seams from the left side of the block, your strips will for some reason start curving to the left (or right, I can't remember), alternating sides will eliminate this, making the next step easier and more precise.)
Don't laugh at my sad attempt to portray different fabrics. lol. 
Ok, you can laugh. ;)

Now iron and them nicely so they are flat and straight! (I don't like to iron, and don't if I don't have to, but this is pretty important so that you cut the strips straight!)

And then cut each of these strips into 4 - 1.5" strips (scrappy strips = SS)


Now, so you don't have 4 SS that are exactly the same, take 2 from each of the two groups and put them aside. (One you will leave as is, the other you can simply flip upside down and it will be different enough.)
can you see how every other strip is simply rotated 180 degrees? A super quick and easy trick to add variety. :)

With the other 4 SS (2 from each set), use your seam ripper and randomly take some of the blocks apart. (You can actually skip this part and just use the four above for one block and repeat with the other 4 strips for the next block. BUT if you want to add a little more variety, you can continue with this step.)

Now just rearrange them and sew them back together and you will have 4 more unique strips.
do not pay attention to the wonkiness of the strips. Yours will look much better. :) lol.

You're almost done! Now assemble two blocks in this order (mixing up which SS you use for variety):

2.5" BGF +  SS + 1.5" BGF + SS + 2.5" BGF + SS + 1.5" BGF + SS + 2.5" BGF

You should now have 2 blocks that look somewhat like this:
doGood-feb---straight-line-block doGood-feb---straight-line-block
they should finish at 12.5" x 12.5"

Awesome! Great job! :)

If anyone makes this, outside of my do.Good Stitches group, I'd love to see them! You can share them in my flickr group! :)

You can find the rest of the tutorials for this quilt by going to the main post.


do.Good Stitches - February Quilt Details. aka the Candyland Quilt

Cori said this design reminders her of the Candy Land board game, and I have to agree. So the new name for this quilt is the Candy Land Quilt. Thanks! :)

Well, it's my turn again for the do.Good Stitches month! :) I'm really excited!! I saw this super cute block here, and want to use this design for the basis of our quilt. (Made by: Little Miss Shabby)

(she did give me permission to use her photo. Thanks!)
Isn't this the cutest block?!?!!! :)
You can find her tutorial here.

Instead using this pattern for each block, I thought it would be fun to stretch the block pattern out to a whole quilt! :) Like this!
do.Good Stitches, Feb quilt layout

So instead a bunch of blocks with scrappy squares, there will be a bunch of blocks with straight lines (12 blocks to be exact), and some with corners (8 blocks). And those are the two blocks I am going to explain how to make. :)

We are going to use these colors from Little M's pajamas.



and in case you need to see them from one more angle... ;)

I am so addicted to this girl! ;)

All lighter colors: blue, green, purple, yellow, pink, and a Pomegranate Pink (that's the Kona color). THINK EASTER colors! :)  They obviously don't have to  be an exact match, as everyone is more than welcome and encouraged to pull from their scraps, but PLEASE don't use dark colors or TOO bright/bold of colors. Try and stay in the pastel/light range of everything. :) Thanks!! :) Oh, and use bright white (Kona White) for the background fabric. :)

(A list of the colors in Konas - obviously use prints, although you're more than welcome to use solids. I just find it nice when I know what the actual colors are. :)  Pomegranate, Candy Pink, Between Crocus & Pansy, Buttercup, Between Pear & Pistachio, Robin Egg or Azure)

I decided that instead of making this one super duper long post with lots of pictures, I'll just make up two different posts explaining the two different blocks. (I will link them from here once they are done)

so stay tuned. :)


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

W.i.P. Wed {1-25-12} Diane - 1, Intimidation - 0

I really do love trying new things, but it often takes a while before I'm ready to actually do it. 


This little sneak peak has been sitting nicely folded and finished, ready to quilt, right next to my sewing machine, for the last month. I actually whipped it out lightning fast... but then came the quilting. I've quilted plenty of things, but really wanted to do a zigzag quilting on it... that I haven't done before. Intimidation took over and I froze.

There it sat for 33 days to be exact, SCREAMING at me to quilt it. And there I sat quietly and as subtly as I could, ignoring it. Doing EVERYTHING and anything else I could think of, just so I wouldn't have to face it. I debated just stippling it, or doing some other kind of stitching, but since I have really wanted to do a zigzag stitch for a long time, I knew this was my chance and I didn't want to miss it. Plus I knew no other stitching would complete it like a zigzag. 

So after many moons, and many projects, and a total makeover of my sewing area (which means I now actually have ROOM to quilt it without having to take my machine downstairs to sew! Yippy!) I tackled the beast and am now well on my way to being finished!!! :) 

I'd love to show you more, but it's a Christmas present... yes. I hang my head in shame. I'm officially super late. ;(

ok, I'll show you this much more. ;)

I will say that I am loving it... but in all actuality we have a love/hate relationship going on. I loved the design I planned out for it, then as I got all the pieces sewn I didn't love it - so I changed it! Then I loved it. Then I was intimidated by it. Then there was the part where I stepped away from it while it was at the sewing machine, and my little boy sneaked under the sewing machine... and well, I'll just say there are a couple extra stitches in one spot. Uh. (deep breath). :) It's almost done. ;) and I will really miss it!!


So that is what I am working on this week... and I'm not going to stop until it is out the door and in the mail. :D 

Don't miss everyone else's W.i.P's at Freshly Pieced!
Have a great week!! :)


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hair cut & bangs!

Guess what? My good friend cut my hair!! :) I LOVE IT! :D Isn't she good?! If you live in Orem, or around here, I totally recommend her! ;) Send me an email and I'll pass on her info.

What do you think???


Usually I don't ever get in the pictures (as I'm the one behind the camera)... or I'm not cute so I'm not such a fan of the pictures, but a cute new hair cut is the perfect call for self portraits. lol!


and funny faces...


I was going to ask Neil to take some pictures for me, but sometimes it's just more fun to do them yourself. ;)

Did you know I really have 6 fingers on my left hand?! Ok, 5 fingers and 2 thumbs.

the back. kind of. ;)

lots of long layers... we'll see what it looks like when I try and style it. ;)
...probably more like this...

... up and in a ponytail...

do you want to see some more "..."? ...cause I can do more of those if you want... ;) (I just thought I should add something else besides pictures of me in this post... .... .... Are you sick of looking at me yet? Don't worry. I think this fills my quota for the year. ...so you won't have to see anymore of me. ) lol.