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Thursday, November 6, 2014

3 New Patterns, 3 Coupons, and 3 Winners for a Giveaway!!

Hi there! I guess I have gone back to my old-non-blogging self. Sometimes I think, "if my life was only what I blogged about, I'd have a pretty boring life!" haha. Luckily it is not so. I am really excited to announce three new patterns that I've finished over the last few weeks!! Get  ready for picture overload! oh, and I have a 30% Off coupon for each new pattern (good only in my bigcartel shop), which is good until Saturday at midnight.

To save repeating myself, the patterns contain a lot of the same features. They all include:
  • Patterns for 3 different sizes of finished blocks: 6 inch, 9 inch, and 12 inch.
  • Cutting templates for each size
  • Instructions specifically for each pattern. (Paper piecing instructions not included, but I include helpful links in each pattern.)
  • Coloring pages. I included a bunch of different design layouts so you can plan just the block you want. :)

Here they are, in no particular order: (It'll be picture overload!!! But I hope you'll slow down and look at each one.) :) I also had amazing pattern testers help me with my patterns!! In an effort to not put too many pictures in one post, I'll save them for a different post. But I can't go without saying a HUGE thank you!! to each of them! They really helped me to smooth out the patterns!

Candy Wrappers

This is a fun versatile pattern with many options of how you can join the pattern to create different looks. Here are some mockups I made:

The block is created using an A pattern piece and a B pattern piece. When you use both A and B pattern pieces, here are the two blocks you can create, depending on how you orient them.

Here is a block you can create if you ONLY use the A pattern pieces.


Here is a block you can create if you ONLY use the B pattern pieces.


 Here are some examples of these blocks on a four block repeat. These designs would make fabulous pillows, bags, minis, mug rugs, etc. which you can easily make with the 6 inch and 9 inch pattern sizes.



 Here they are if you made 16 blocks into a quilt. :) I love these!

 I used this pattern during the summer when I made a pillow as one of my Handmade Birthday club gifts. It was hard to send this away.

While I was putting this pillow together is when I discovered the different designs with the A and B pattern pieces. Here's a picture I took with my phone... I think I want to make this again. :)

I think these would even look good in a quilt of alternating blocks of these! Wouldn't that be fun?!

You can find the Candy Wrappers pattern in any of my shops (Craftsy and Etsy). 

But, until Saturday night (11/8/14) you can save 30% OFF this pattern ONLY in my Bigcartel shop.
Use coupon code: SAVE30CANDYWRAPPERS

Starry Skyline

Maybe you recognize this pattern. I designed it for a Bee group on Flickr a few years ago. You can see the full tutorial for how to create it using HST's HERE. I LOVE this block, but I didn't really want to create a full quilt using that method. I finally turned it into a paper piecing pattern! AND I made a full quilt with it!!

My Halloween quilt! I was going to make it a fall quilt, and not use the orange. But my husband kindly reminded me that his favorite color is orange... so in it went! And I still think it'll be a fabulous fall quilt! :)
(there is one line that I REALLY messed up on, so I need to unpick it and fix it. So if you notice it... that is my own mistake and not how the pattern is.) ;)

This pattern is a bit more straight forward, so I'll just leave it at this quilt picture. But it sure is a fun one!

You can find the Starry Skyline pattern on Craftsy and Etsy

But, until Saturday night (11/8/14) you can save 30% OFF ONLY in my Bigcartel shop.
Use coupon code: SAVE30STARRYSKYLINE

Winter Holly

This is my most recent finish, and I LOVE it!!! I want to make a full quilt of this pattern too! I used to think one would have to be totally crazy to paper piece an entire quilt, but after making my Celestial Star quilt, I either have become totally crazy, or I realize that it's not crazy at all. ;) haha.

I'll start with some pattern mockups:

Here are two designs you can create from one single block.

These also make fantastic repeat patterns! Here they are with 4 blocks:

And if you used 16 blocks to create a full quilt. Um, yes please!!!

 This would be a gorgeous Christmas quilt!!! Or of course change up the colors, and it would simply be gorgeous!

While playing around I found this really neat secondary pattern... which also makes me see other patterns you could create by playing with value and color. :)

I am currently making a Christmas table runner that I am probably not going to put away after Christmas. ;) Here are the two styles I was debating on. My husband went out of town, so I haven't had time to finish it... maybe the kids can go to bed early tonight. ;)

These Cotton + Steel prints are perfect!!! I
'll use the two yellow prints in the top picture for the centers.

You can find the Winter Holly pattern in any of my shops (Craftsy and Etsy). 

But, until Saturday night (11/8/14) you can save 30% OFF this pattern ONLY in my Bigcartel shop.
Use coupon code: SAVE30WINTERHOLLY

Alright, and that's it!! What do you think?! :)

I hope you enjoy them!


Now how about a giveaway?! If you sat through all that, you've earned it. ;)

Use the rafflecopter below to enter. Three people will win a copy of all three patterns!! Can you tell this post is all about three's?! Three patterns, three winners, three coupons, three-ty (thirty, haha) percent off.  The giveaway will be open until Saturday night. Good luck!!

***If you purchase the patterns (so you can take advantage of the coupons - I think you have to purchase them separately to take advantage of all three codes) and then you win them, I will happily refund your money!  So don't worry there. :)

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