Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Story: Fall Family Photos

We still have family pictures hanging on our wall of when Hike was about 8 months old. I always feel bad looking at them because Baby is not in them. So... I've been planning on getting family photos for a while now. I asked a friend of mine, because she is simply awesome!, but she just had a baby, so that was out. Well, today was such a beautiful day that after we put the boys to bed I decided that when they woke up we'd go up the canyon and get family photos. Of course we were very unprepared! :) We didn't even get any socks for Baby. AND, once we got there I took a few photos to get the metering right, and the battery died. Luckily there was an outlet in one of the pavilions and we could charge it enough to get the pictures we wanted. Unfortunately by then the sun had gone behind the mountain so we didn't get any awesome sun rays coming through the trees or nice highlights. But I think they still turned out cute! And it sure was fun!

Is that totally lame that our family pictures are taken using a 'tripod' strapped to the stroller and using 'timer' mode?! haha! I guess it means you can't expect too much, but at least there were some that are wall worthy.
p.s. I do not claim in any way to be a professional photographer. ;)

It's so hard to get them all to look at the same time. ;)

I love Baby's face in this shot! 
He thought Hike swinging the branch was the best thing ever!

Brothers :)

 They did NOT want to take pictures with me. At least Hike smiled for the first shot. ;)

 Funny face. :)

 Hike did NOT want his picture taken any more. So, Neil distracted him by throwing things into the trees and making the 'helicopter seeds' fall. The only shots I got of him at this point were of him looking up. Oh well. :)

Oh, but of course he had to come running into the shot that was supposed to be just Neil and I. 
Sneaky boy. ;)


  1. Love, love, love the pictures!!!!

  2. CUTE pictures - I love the background.

  3. They turned out great! I love how you jimmy rigged your tri-pod! Whatever works!!!

  4. So I'm really just now getting caught up on actually commenting on blogs. Love these pics - your family is adorable. :) Miss you...and fingers crossed.


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