Thursday, October 20, 2011

Still swyping away

We are still without internet, and I am slowly swyping away on my phone. It takes so long to write an email without a keyboard! (not to mention a blog post.)

Anyway, after many phone calls and some crazy bartering (ok, I really didn't have to do much) we got a super sweet deal with our current provider to keep us from switching! 3+ years of being a loyal customer definitely has it's perks! They matched the price of the competitor we were going to switch to but extended the offer for twice as long! Plus they threw in a free modem (ours died, thus the reason we've been shopping around). Who likes saving $100??? Me! Me! As well as giving us a credit for the time we've been without internet!

It took three tries, but I finally talked to the right person and boy did she ever hook me up! Love Century Link!

So Monday is the special day that my friendly UPS driver will drop off our magic box to the outside world.

Other than that, things have been pretty adventurous around here. We are on a quest to figure out what is going on with my healthy. Monday I blacked out trying to pick up Hunter. Thank goodness I already had a dr appointment scheduled for that morning! He kindly told me that I pretty much have EVERY symptom of a hyperthyroid. One or two would have been enough thank you very much. But I'm still waiting on more tests to come back to rule out any other possibilities. So the next few weeks are bound to be full of dr visits and more tests, and hopefully a lot of answers and direction.

In the quilting/sewing/crafty world I am happy to say that the do.Good Stitches quilt is coming along nicely! :) As well as some fun orders from my shop. And and and.... I'll have to save some things for Monday. :)

Have a great almost weekend!

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