Wednesday, October 12, 2011

W.i.P. Wednesday #15

Before I begin, I have to say Thanks Tannie for your help and direction!! I'm going to check into that further and see if that will make a difference. And Thanks Tammie for the gas for my car! ;) (I love that their names are almost the same! and they're both great people!!) :)

I can't say that today has been any better, but I am definitely excited to post a little update, as I'm ALMOST finished with a few new things!! Ok, they are not new in themselves, but I have finally made some new progress with them! Yippy! :)

First: My Kaleidoscope Quilt! check it out!....

love my good little helper!

The top is finally finished!
I really struggled with this quilt... I don't know what I did wrong, but it seemed like right from the get-go I was doomed. My points wouldn't match up. My blocks wouldn't lie flat. And since I'm kind of a perfectionist, it wasn't that much fun making crummy blocks. But since this is for me, I didn't care enough about it to fix any of it. :) So I just kept on keepin on. I think the last 5 or 6 blocks turned out perfect and I finally figured it out! :) But really it's probably my own fault. I ironed them after connecting the corner triangles to the larger triangles, but after that I didn't iron anything. Nor did I square anything up, nor did I do anything else that I probably should have to make it turn out better. Oh well. :) It was *fun* and now the top is finished. :) I'm going to do the back in medium grey and have a few stripes going down the back like Elizabeth from Oh Frannson! did on her billboard quilt here. I LOVE this!

My other almost finish is the coin quilt I made up a LONG time ago! It has been sitting around waiting for a binding for forever and it's almost done! :) All I have is the top. But I decided to take some pictures anyway.


Do you like my fake wind effect?
the back

It's really this guy that keeps running back and forth under it! :)

For some reason it is impossible for me to get good pictures of anything with orange and teal. Perhaps if I get up before the sun is totally up it will work?!.


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  1. I love the applique on your coin quilt-the perfect whimsical touch!
    And your little boy is adorable too!

  2. Oh, I think the kaleidoscope quilt looks great! I don't think any imperfections are noticeable. And that coin quilt is very cute with the tree. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )


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