Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Minute Christmas: 6 Ideas to help you finish

Are you a last minute Christmas shopper or crafter? Don't worry, so am I. :) I thought perhaps it would help if I posted a few of my favorite, and quick and easy, tutorials in case you need a few ideas! :)

1. Top pick for anyone that is tech savy - you know, all those people with smart phones, iPods, eReaders (whatever the brand). This would be a great gift! (I know, I made a bunch of these for Christmas last year and it was well received.) :) You can find the original post here with instructions for download.

Phone Pillows - quick and easy Christmas Gifts

Materials needed: Fabric (10" by 7.5" - larger for eReaders), thread, filling (I used aquarium rocks. :) They are firm and keep their shape. You could use beans or rice (but if worry about it getting wet?). Or batting or polyfill - but you would want to stuff it REALLY full so it keeps it's shape while holding the device).
Time: ~30 min.

2. How about cute mini tissue covers? Cute, quick, easily personalized. Find the tutorial here.

Tissue Covers - great stocking stuffers

Materials needed: Fabric.
Time: 10-15 min.

3. Are there kids on your list? What about a fun car mat? These are great for traveling, and easy to throw in your bag for a fun distraction while you're waiting at the doctors or at church. Find the tutorial here. (wow! I don't know what happened to the pictures on that page. I'll fix it, or click on them and you should be able to see them in flickr. Sorry!)

Travel Car Mats

Materials needed: Fabric, thread, ribbon (opt.), velcro,
Time: 1 hour? I don't know.

4. You could also do a fun and easy bag, adding any embellishments or design elements you want. You can find the basic instructions here. I made these for church bags for my boys, but they're a great size for practically anything! (Just big enough to hold a coloring book, or similar items. With two pockets on the inside.

Children's Bags

Materials: fabric,
Time: Guessing about an 1 hour. Also pretty quick.

5. Last year I also made these cute message envelopes. You can find the pattern over at Sew, Mama, Sew! here.

Message Envelopes

Materials: fabric, thread, embroidery floss, buttons,
Time: these really depend on how much detail you put into them.

6. Want something a little more personal? Try a Photo Name book. Simply cut out 2 of each letter, layer, place a photo behind them, and a note on the back of each square. Laminate, or connect in many different ways. :) My boys love looking at old pictures of themselves. :) Find a bit more detailed instructions here.

Name book

Material: paper, photos, pen, glue, laminator or rings - someway to link them together.
Time: this could take a while trying to pick out pictures, but it also could go pretty fast!

Hopefully one of these may help get you started. Or look around on my blog, there are some more projects I didn't share here that could be fun too! Thanks for stopping by!

If you decide to make something here, I'd love to see it in my flickr group here! :)


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  1. Love your phone rests- I will have to remember, and do some next year, Fabulous


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