Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cleaning House... or rather, Cleaning Blog

I suppose if I'm going to spend the day sprucing up my blog, I should at least write a blog post too! :) Come check it out! I made new pattern icons, a new blog button, rearranged a few things, I have a new header! (it's so bright compared to what it was before!) I even had the Mr. take a picture of me to replace my old one. It is definitely getting colorful around here. I still have some cleaning, deleting, and figure out to do, so bear with me while it comes along. :) I would love to rework all my pages as well, (like my tutorial pages, and project lists, etc.) but we'll see how that goes. I've spent long enough just on the main page that now I need to get back to other things. Oh life, why do you fly by so quickly?!

(here's a peek of a few things in case you are reading from a feed reader, or on your phone, or somehow where you don't see the entire site. I know I read blogs a lot like that lately.)

 photo bbs_zps6e404e90.jpg
new blog button

 photo p_StarrySkyline_zps326b47a2.jpg
new tutorial and pattern buttons

So what do you think? Any suggestions before I finish up? Do you hate the new layout? Since you are, after all, the ones who read my blog. :) THANK YOU by the way! Is it too cramped with the icons on the left? I think I'll try them at least for a while. I'm kind of excited about how they turned out.

which photo gets your vote? On IG almost everyone has voted for the top, but I do like them both I think.



Can I ask you a question? I need some help. What do yo do for wrinkles?? I know it doesn't look like I have any in the pictures (because I Photoshopped them out. ha!) But really, what do you use? How do you prevent them? or get rid of them? It's only been recently that I've really started noticing them, but I have crazy crows feet, and also in my cheeks when I smile. The bags under my eyes I'm sure come with the territory of a new baby, but I'm only 31. I don't want to be wrinkles yet! I'd love some advice or tips! Maybe I should look on Pinterest. lol.

So anyway,  besides working on my blog, I've been doing some fun sewing projects that I'm REALLY excited about!

Of course my project for the Kate Spain blog hop... that you'll have to wait for. But here's a peek.

love some pressed seams
I don't know why my IG photos are always so dark on the computer. They seem to always look better on my phone. Has anyone else noticed that?

And this one. I want to finish it up for the Mini Quilt Challenge over at Ellison Lane Quilts. Which is next week I think? I better hurry! :)

What have you been working on lately? Enjoying your summer? I really have been wanting to get back to the good ol' blog. So hopefully I can make some more time for it soon.  I miss you all! :)

I've been enjoying this guy, and apparently so has the Mr. :)

(I'm so lazy. I'm sharing a picture I took with my phone of a picture that is on my computer. lol. By the way, the new Flickr is really driving me crazy! I don't like it. Everything is too big, and too slow, and too dark... I wish it was customizable so I could change it back.) :)
But isn't this picture so cute?! I love these guys!



  1. Hi Diane! Looks great and well in order! Your photos are beautiful! I've liked mostly Biotherm's products - remember smile-wrinkles are exepted! x Teje

  2. Wrinkles, if you do not look at them, they will not give you grief! If you never smile, never frown and never use your face, you may develop fewer, but what a miserable life! just enjoy that little chap, and let the wrinkles go!

    And yes, new flickr is not friendly, but I expect we will get used to it.. Watch out for it taking up a lot of broadband allowance on phones though...

  3. Don't know what to tell you on the wrinkles.... supposedly they look good on guys :) Love your new look though! (the Blog) :)

  4. I can't wait to see what your mini becomes! I know I will love it, hand stitching + liberty. Great blog header-- very bright!

  5. You describe smile wrinkles. Nothing wrong with those!! But if you feel you must do something, use Olay moisturizers. I've been using them ever since my first child was born because it came in a goody bag from the hospital. So I still use this product (in the advanced age-related formulas....) and I think I look pretty good for almost 60 and considering I used to love getting a sun tan. [I am not a paid] :o) By the way, love that last picture! Looks like the best sleep for both of them!

  6. The new blog look is great.

    As for wrinkles, I have them too. I'm 36. I've been plagued with many skin issues and I feel like wrinkles are the least of my worries, but I've been using Paula's Choice Resist line of products for the past few months and am hopeful that in the long run they will make a difference. My skin can tolerate them, even with the BHA's and AHA's, so at least I know I'll be able to stick with it and hopefully reap the benefits.

  7. My daddy says if you eat more you get bigger and it pushes the wrinkles out, that's his story and he is sticking to it!! I have some wrinkles and it's not fun but I embrace them and move on!!

  8. I like the new blog and the top picture the best. As for the wrinkles, I am going to be watching the comment section, too so that I can get some ideas.

  9. I like the top picture best! I'm 51 and have done fairly well with wrinkles. You need a really good skin care routine that includes a moisturizer. Stay out of the sun (seriously) and no smoking. Lots of water. My skin never looks better than when I'm eating well.

    I don't like the new flickr either. Your wee one is adorable!

  10. I love the new look - when I stopped by today I thought I had the wrong blog!!! But it looks so good!

    I like both pictures - they are just different.

    For wrinkles - I actually just started using Avon products for my eye dark circles and wrinkles - so we will see if it works. Cross your fingers for me :)

  11. I like the top pic. I moisturize with coconut oil. I just keep a jar in the shower and put it all over my face and just rinse with warm water. What doesn't come off with the water will soak in, keeps your face really nice and soft. Also, you need to drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated.


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