Friday, June 7, 2013

Tula Pink Charm Swap

I just want to give you the heads up on a Tula Pink Charm Swap going on right now. You can sign up on Flickr HERE.

After making my I heart scraps basket I have fallen in love with Tula Pink fabrics. It's funny how sometimes I really don't like a fabric or designer until I get the fabric in my hands and actually use it. Then I fall head over heals for it! (Same thing happened with my Liberty bundle. Now that I've put it into something I am geeking out about how awesome it is, and how well the prints go together. Man, I'm a dork.) :) Sewing and quilting is definitely a whole new avenue of exploring and learning... a medium all it's own. The more I sew and quilt, the more I realize how little I know about it. (as in perfecting color combinations, etc.) I love it!

Tula Pink charm swap fabrics
Here's my selection

Ok, so anyway, I am definitely excited for this one. And since I decided that I really need to know what I'm going to do with it, so it's not just sitting on my shelf, I decided to use it for my Starry Skyline Quilt. I have been wanting to turn the tutorial for the one block into a complete pattern for well over a year now. So this is it! I'm going to do it... sometime soon. :) But figuring out the fabric is the first step right?!

 photo p_StarrySkyline_zps326b47a2.jpg
Starry Skyline Block. Find the tutorial HERE.

There are still about 20 spots open in the swap last I checked. But they might fill up fast, so don't miss out. :)

I hope you have a great weekend!! :)
I will be sewing my heart out, 
and getting ready for my sister to come visit. Wahoo! :)



  1. I'm SO going to copy you! This is a fantastic tutorial ♥

  2. I'm glad you posted about the swap, I'm a bit obsessed with Tula's fabrics! I'm in the 10" square swap and still have enough to do this one as well. The 1000 peeps line was like that for me, it wasn't until I saw it in person that I wanted it :)


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