Friday, August 2, 2013

Fabric Destash

I have had this box of fabric playing musical corners in my sewing room for ages. I need to get rid of this fabric!! I don't know what to do with it. I finally put it in bundles and am hoping to sell it. I figure I might as well share it on my blog before I spend all that time listing it on Etsy, in case any of you are interested. If you are, please let me know which bundle you want along with your paypal email address. I'll send you an invoice and ship it once payment is received.

Most cuts are half yards, and generous cuts at that (20" or more). Most are prewashed, though I don't know about all of them. They've been stored safely in Rubbermaid containers in my smoke and pet free home. Some do have cuts taken out of them. There are a few FQ's (noted under each picture), and some are random scraps. I'll do a quick summary of each bundle so you know what it is. (It's all good fabric! I promise. I just have too much fabric and need to unload.) Thank you SO much for taking these off my hands. We all thank you! :)

Oh, and I'm hoping to get around $2 per half yard, though the price listed may or may not be negotiable. It doesn't hurt to ask. I'm in a tug of war between getting rid of the fabric and trying to make back at least some of what I paid for it. :)

Shipping costs will be added onto the asking price. I will ship the least expensive way possible.

Destash fabric bundles
2 yards, asking $8

Destash fabric bundles
9 half yards, 30 oz in weight
asking $17

Destash fabric bundles
Left three are half yards, second from right has a strip cut off one end, right is a large strip that is fairly long. 14 oz by weight
asking $8

Destash fabric bundles
mostly large scraps, 7.5 oz
asking $5

Destash fabric bundles
Oops. the 2nd print from the left is not included.
Starting from the left, prints 6-9 are all half yards. The rest are FQ's or large scraps
16 oz, asking $11

Destash fabric bundles
All scraps. The far right is two VERY long strip.
9 oz. asking $6

Destash fabric bundles
center is a scrap piece, 6 oz total
asking $4

Destash fabric bundles
far left is a scrap piece, second from left is a FQ by Dear Stella
12 oz. asking $8

Destash fabric bundles
two on left not included. sorry.
7 oz. asking $4

Destash fabric bundles
11 oz. asking $6

Destash fabric bundles
Two on left are FQ's, third from right is 1 1/4 yards
20 oz. asking $13

If you would like any of these bundles, leave your paypal address along with which bundle you would like. Or email me at fromblankpages {at} gmail {dot} com, if you don't want to leave your email here. I will add the cost to ship to your invoice when I send the invoices out.

Thank you so much! If these don't sell, I'll add them to my etsy shop soon.


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