Saturday, December 28, 2013

Merry Christmas! & New Patterns!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday time! It's been a pretty relaxing, yet busy week around here. Christmas was fun, and the kids love what they got! I love that they are playing with everything we got them! I think it helps that we kept it simple. This year was the first year that we really had the kids buy gifts for each other. Hunter had a "store" at school, where they could bring in some money and get gifts for people. He had a budget for each person and had to stay within it. I thought that was a nice way to help them learn about money, and staying in a budget. (One thing I really want to work on next year.) :) I decided it would be fun if they all got gifts for each other. Jackson had the hardest time not being able to buy himself something too. I really looked forward to them opening their gifts from each other, realizing how nice it is to give, and that we don't always have to receive. I'm not sure how well that lesson was learned, but sure was fun anyway. :)

The hubby and I also celebrated our 7th anniversary this week! I love him so much, and am so grateful he is in my life! I think we need to get married on a different day though. We kind of forgot it was our anniversary until the day before. It always gets buried in the busyness of the holidays, or everyone is out of town and we can't find a babysitter. I think one year we didn't do anything until the middle of January. We definitely need to make some kind of adjustment.

Otherwise, I did not get all the gifts made that I was hoping too. Christmas snuck up on me from out of nowhere, and I hope no one is offended. I did make Mabel two dolls. She loves them! They were a lot easier to make than I thought they would be. I've also been working hard on some swap items. I'll share those next year after they are received. ;) AND in my not-so-spare time I've been working on some patterns. Because that's what I do instead of having a life. :)

I have been having a lot of trouble with my Phone Pillow Pattern, and it was getting rather frustrating. I decided that I might as well totally rewrite it, and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out! The dimensions of the phone pillow are a lot smaller, more compact, and a lot nicer. I love it! It is perfect for your smartphone, mp3 player, iPod, etc.

It also now includes cutting instructions, and a template, for a tablet sized pillow. It actually isn't much larger than the old phone pillow size, and is greatly improved upon.

They can hold your device vertical or horizontal.

Holds your device at the perfect angle for reading (like reading patterns as you sew), or recipes in the kitchen (I'm SO excited to use my Kindle with the new Cook'n app that recently came out. I love this program on my computer, and am so excited to have it more portable for while I cook!), or for watching movies, etc. The same goes for the phone pillow. Love them! I think I need five. :)

These definitely make awesome gifts! And now that they are smaller, they probably are a lot more ship-friendly as well. :) Please DO NOT SELL pillows you make ONLINE. This pattern is for PERSONAL USE Only. However, I don't mind if you sell them at local craft fairs, or any in-person selling.

If you do sell them, or share them online, please include in the description, "Made with from blank pages... pattern by Diane Bohn". Thank you!

You can find the pattern on Craftsy or Etsy.

If you've already bought the pattern, go to the site where you purchased it from, and re-download the pattern. You'll automatically have the updated version without having to pay for it again! Hooray! :)

I also made up some really fun just because... love notes. They are a digital file with 10 different sayings and a blank card. Just print, cut, and fold. The cutting lines are dark enough to see, but light enough that you won't see them if your cutting is off. They have a heart on the back where you can sign your name, or just leave a little love.

Leave one on the breakfast tray when you deliver breakfast in bed, slip one into a lunchbox, purse, briefcase, backpack, locker, book, etc. Send one in the mail, use as place setting cards, leave one behind at the the end of a dinner date, for an extra good waiter, etc. The possibilities are endless!

These are meant to be quick and easy, but you can also use paper punches, rounded corner punches, use scrapbook paper, markers, etc. to embellish them and spruce them up. They are only limited by your imagination. :) I'll be making a pattern for a little carrying pouch in the new year. That way you will always have one conveniently nearby.

I have a bunch of other sayings I want to make up for these as well.
I've already started using them. Such a fun and simple way to brighten someone's day.

Why do you want to buy a bunch of words on paper? I've formatted these so when you print them at 100%, or No Scale, they will all finish at the same exact size! There is no outer boarder to that needs to be trimmed. Super fast and fuss free.

The sayings in this set: 

thank you
Thank You,
Happy Birthday
Merry Christmas
i love you
I love you because...
just because
and a blank card - with the heart on the back.

When I make the new sets I'll adjust this one to everyday sayings, make a special occasions/holiday sayings, a positive sayings set, and I had an idea for another set as well. If you have sayings you want, let me know! If I use it, and you're the first to tell me, I'll send you a free copy of the file. :)

You can find it on Etsy and Craftsy

Doing after Christmas online sales? Don't forget to shop through Ebates and save big! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!
and a Happy New Year!! :)



  1. Happy holidays Diane. Your new patterns are great as always, Best wishes for the new year.

  2. Hi Diane
    I'm excited about your updated pillow pattern - just wanted to let you know that your craftsy links just go to a share-a-sale page not to craftsy - I tried the link for your cards and that's the same too!

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