Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's My Birthday! 18 days of Flash Pattern Sales!

Hi there, again! (I feel like if I blog twice in one day, that I'm breaking all the blogging rules. lol.) Anyway, on the subject of birthdays, MY birthday is this month! I don't know if I should scream in excitement or scream in terror. So to give it a little push to the more fun side of birthdays, I decided to do a fun month of flash sales on my patterns!

I counted 18 patterns that I currently charge for. So I will have 18 - 24 hour sales. 1 - 24 hour time period for each pattern. I am not going the route of 24 hours, rather than exact days, because with the way life has been, I need some wiggle room. I will discount the prices in the mornings, on Craftsy and Etsy. No coupon code required. That means that each pattern will be on sale for a MINIMUM of 24 hours, and possibly longer. But then that's it. Sales will be anywhere from 15% -50% off!! Have you been eying any of my patterns? This will be the perfect chance to snatch them up!! Here is the order that I will be discounting them in, starting tomorrow (3/7/14)!


(dates have been updated, as no sales will occur on Sundays)

I will post a link from my blog each day of the pattern that is on sale that day - to help make it easier for you.

For the last month or more I have been totally determined to put all of my efforts toward paying off our debts, and I am determined to get them paid off by the end of the year. For my birthday, I'd LOVE to make a huge dent in them. I am so thrilled to share my patterns with you, but also want to let you know where all the profits will be going! No fabric purchases, no fancy jewelry or expensive ice cream. I am putting all my profits towards our bills! Every purchase will be for a good cause, not for luxurious living. lol. (Maybe that is a good cause to help spread the word about my sale?!?! Even if you don't purchase anything, I'd thank you forever!) :)

I know a lot of people have debt, and I know a lot of people want to get out of debt. I feel really vulnerable sharing this to the world, but I think it's a boat a lot of us are in. I found these two funny cards on pinterest, that sadly strike a little too close to home sometimes.

The two things that have made the biggest difference for me in my "fight against debt" have been Dave Ramsey's book: The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness and YNAB (You Need A Budget). It's kind of like Quiken books, but it has an awesome concept that goes along with it, that makes the softerware work wonderfully! The principles that YNAB uses go right along with Dave's. Though I haven't been as disciplined in the past as I should have been. Anyway... if you like the idea of a Cash Envelope System, there is also this tutorial I did a long time ago.
ok, I'm done with that. :)

Disclaimer: The patterns will be discounted for only the time period that I discount them. Once I change the price back, that's it. I hope you don't miss the ones you want, but I will not be able to do exception discounts after the sale is over for a specific pattern, if anyone comes late. I am sorry, but I hope you understand.

Happy Birthday to me! and HAPPY shopping to you!!!



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