Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fab Finds

I've found so many great creations this week! WOW! How am I ever going to keep up?

To start, here are two that I had to try out!

Flower magnets. A perfect mixture of cute, easy and fun.

I am redoing my kitchen in purple and white and figured these would be a good replacement for all those random magnets on my fridge.

I had to make a couple in these great bright colors as well.

It made me laugh because my mom came over and babysat for us last night. When we got back I asked her if she had noticed them, and she quickly responded with a yes and pointed out her favorite one. Then she noticed another one and said she liked that one too, and then this one and the one over here. It was kind of funny. Finally she ended up saying, "I guess I just like all of them." :)

And these bags. I know, I already posted about them, and shared a few that I made already, but I just can't stop! Anyone want one? haha. These would make great gifts! :)

The fabric that I ordered for my new kitchen curtains came yesterday! Yippy!
Here's what I picked.
(this and a solid white)

And here is the pattern I'm going to use to make them...

I found this over at Make It and Love It! (a must visit site).
I just love how ruffly it is! I think these will look fantastic!
Thanks Ashley!

(do you know that she is my hubby's cousin? Does that make me famous by association? haha. J/K!)

Wow. That was really random.  So much for being organized. ;)

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