Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bohn isn't bean without the"e"

In German bohne means bean. So naturally marrying Neil I became a
bean. But in the back of my mind I also thought, "Bohn isn't bean
without the'e'." Then the magic of family history work came into play.
Back in the year of a long time ago, the certain Bohne german man
married a women from a foreign land and that is when they dropped the
"e" from the name. Could I be any more vague than that? Really? Oh
well. I feel much better about it now anyway.
On the topic of names, Neil has taken over the naming privileges of
our girl. Which is fine since I kind of dominated with the boys. :)
Anyway, I think going off names alone, our family will be complete.
We'll have an HR to take care of all that business stuff. A JB to take
care of the dining and food. And soon we'll have an MD for the medical
stuff. Of course I am a DR too, but I guess that fits with the "mom"
aspect of it all. Names are a fun thing. And having cute children is
even more fun. :)
My very own 'Handmade'

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