Wednesday, April 20, 2011

W.i.P. Wednesday #3

I did have a few things to report on last week, but never got around to posting anything about them. Here's what's going on now... (it will be a little more impressive since I've had more time to work on things.) ;)

New Projects:
Surprise! Here are some pictures of my latest project, though I'm not telling what it is. Yet. :)
For this part I'm using this tutorial over at Comfort Stitching. LOVE this!
I'm ironing a bunch of small scraps onto some heat n' bond. The other blue is a towel so I can easily get it out and put it away without messing it up.

I'm also going to combine this embroidery project with it. This is the first real embroidery that I've done since I was a kid. It's turning out alright I think, not perfect, but I like it and am excited to get it finished!

I also decided that I want to make a Mug Rug. There are so many cute ones out there! I especially like this small quilt that I found at Stitches and Scissors (but made by Barb from Quilting Barbie. I LOVE IT!) that I would love to use some of the elements from to make one. I am always loosing my coasters, so I think a mug rug would be a little bit easier to keep track of. :)

Scrap projects: My step-mom gave me a BUNCH, and I mean bags and bags of her scraps a few years ago. I've gone  through it before, but since I just finished organizing all of my scraps in preparation for the Bottled Rainbow quilt along, I decided to actually get them all sorted. It was awesome the things I found in there! I found one quilt top that could easily be layered, quilted and bound and finished. I also found a few quilt blocks that are similar to ones I turned into quilted coasters and sold in my etsy shop a few years ago. (maybe last year. I don't know.) :)  Yippy! It's fun repurposing others peoples projects. :) I'll probably move these to someday projects though, because I don't want to work on them now either. And maybe one day when I need something different to do I'll get them out...

Ongoing Projects:
Mabel's Quilt: I made some good progress with this quilt. I finished up the outer border, and have the center done.

I just need to finialize how I want the inner border to look. Any suggestions???

Just a white border?

Only the patterned border?

Or both? The patterned border in the center and then a smaller strip of white?

Or I could do a totally different color... although I don't know if I have any of the right color fabric, so I think I'll skip this option unless it turns out to be the best.
Almost done! :)

Bottled Rainbows Quilt Along: Ok, I really haven't started on this yet. Though I did get my colored fabric cut for the border of each square, but not completely either. Where I ordered my fabric from has been having issues with getting their last order of Konas in, so I still don't have my complete order. Kind of frustrating, but it happens.

I haven't done any more free motion quilting on my Picnic Blanket. I realized that if I do 2 squares per week it will take me 21 weeks to finish quilting it. I don't know if that discouraged me or what, but I haven't worked on it since. lol. It's going to take forever. I'm going to try to find a time to just sit and whip out a lot at once... we'll see. :) I do really want it finished before it's officially summer and picnic weather though, so I guess I'll have to hurry.

Someday Projects:
Christmas Advent Calendar: This is one of my someday projects. I'm going to make it, but it's not urgent, so I'm not going to worry about it now. However, I DID get all the fabric cut for it. Finally. I've had my pile of fabric choices sitting around since December, so it's nice to finally be able to put it away. ;)

Finished Projects:
Jackson's Easter basket: This is one I started and finished in just a few days. Super quick and he likes to wear them as hats. ;) I made one for Hunter last year, so I definitely couldn't leave out Jacks this year. I started making a tutorial for it as well that I'll finish up and post, though sadly probably not before Easter. If you want to make one let me know and I can pass it along earlier though. All I have left to do for it is add the pictures.

New Pincushion: Last Sunday while everyone was at church, and I was stuck at home, I THOROUGHLY enjoyed having some super quiet sewing time - with NO interruptions. It's a rarity around here - and finally finished up my pincushion. :) Yippy! I wish I had a darker grey, and being my first time with this kind of scrap piecing, I almost wish that my colors were a little shorter, but I am happy with it. I actually just filled it with leftover small scraps of batting. It works. :)

Temple Plaques: And these I finished up a while ago. I really like how they turned out. So simple and easy, and surprisingly they don't look like a simple and easy craft. They actually have a finished feel to them, so we've enjoyed them. :)

This week's stats:
New projects - 2
Completed projects - 3
Currently in progress -  5 (up one from last week)




  1. I think the white border sets everything off nicely & the patterned border gets kind of lost.

  2. I love your mug rug, so cute! And Mabel's quilt is gorgeous. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )


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