Saturday, October 1, 2011

365 Days in September

no, I know there are not really that many days in September, but there are a lot of pictures from my 365 Moments of Joy during the month of September.  I'm pretty proud of myself for doing so well with this! That's right! It's been about a month and a half, I am still doing this. LOL. :)

If you haven't heard the word, in the middle of August I started doing 365 Moments of Joy, to try and help me get out of a funk, and start enjoying the little things in life that happen every day. It's been pretty fun, and very rewarding to look over the day, or capture the moment and make a little collection of them. I think it has helped, as I wouldn't say I'm in such a funk anymore. :) I have missed a few days, and there are times where I just forget, or don't have time to write up a post - and I go back and back date them, but I haven't done too many like that. :) And when I do I make sure to pick the thing from that day. All in all, I am loving it!

365 Days in September

So here is my little mosaic from September. Not all of my posts have a picture, and some have more than one. If you'd like to read more about it, or if you'd love to join in, you can find out more and grab your button here. Or see all my posts here. :)

I am excited for October and another month of Joy! I hope life is treating you all well and that whether you join me or not, I hope you can stop and enjoy those small moments everyday that are what life is really all about. :)


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