Friday, September 30, 2011

Mikaela's Quilt

Well, now that I'm actually getting underway on this quilt, I figure I need to post about it.

Here's the story: I was going to make Mabel's quilt for my sister, but then she couldn't decide the size or fabric, and then she decided that I should make one for her daughter, Mikaela, instead. :)  Originally she really liked my sketch for my Bottled Rainbows quilt, but I decided that there was no way that I could make a ~80" by 90" inch ticker tape quilt. :) (Did I mention this will be the largest quilt I've made!) Anyway, so while she was here this summer we changed the layout a few times and came up with the following layout.

  • The quilt will finish 84"x91". 
  • It will be 12 rows of 13 blocks.
  • The blocks have a 5" square center (patterned fabric) with a 1" solid border.
  • The borders of each block will be made from 7 different colors (red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  • and each color will have 22 blocks per color, broken down to 7(+1 extra) blocks made in 3 different shades. (does that make sense? so there will be 3 different reds, 3 different pinks, etc.)
  • The center blocks will be the same color as (or match) the border color. (just look at the pictures) :)

Mikaela's Quilt

(really bad cell phone picture! :) )

Mikaela went through my stash and pulled out everything that she liked. We matched them up with some solids that I have, and amazingly I think I'll be able to pull off this whole quilt just from my stash (though I may need some more solids)! Awesome!! :)

Mikaela's Quilt - fabric pile

I've had this pile sitting in the corner for a while, and finally a week or so ago decided to start whittling away at it. And so here we are!


Anyway, so it's really pretty simple! And after ironing and cutting it all out (which actually is taking FOREVER. (like an hour per color = 7 hrs.) :}, I don't think it should take too long. (thank goodness for chain piecing! I love it!) :) So far it's been pretty enjoyable! I love all the colors! All the blocks will be pieced right next to each other in a random color order (or not. We'll see once I get it up on a design board and start playing around with it. :) )

you can keep up with my progress on my side bar, under "Projects I'm working on". :)


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