Sunday, March 11, 2012

Are you in Utah?

Cause here's a deal for you! (Ok, this will be the last promotional thing. ug. I don't like "sales" blogs. lol) ;)

Have you ever used livingsocial? they have great deals on stuff. Anyway, right now (ok, it ends today) there is a deal where you can get 4- 3hour classes (sewing or quilting) AND $50 to spend on fabric and notions, All for $35! Just the fabric alone is a sweet deal! :) Oh, and it's at Nutall's - they sell Berninas. There are 4 locations, one in Utah Valley/AF and a few in SL valley.

Anyway, you can find it here:

Be sure to use the link to find it! Let me know if you ever have a great deal to share and I'd love to buy from your link too! :D

Happy Sunday!



  1. I am not in Utah, but I sure wish I was. That is a fantastic deal!


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