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Friday, March 2, 2012

Mouthy Stitches Swap - Received!! :D

Mouthy Stitches was an awesome swap! And I'm sure that my opinion of it skyrocketed through the roof when I received my pouch!! lol! :)

Look what Eva sent me:

the front

the back

Isn't this to die for?!?!!
I can't believe it's really mine!!

the inside. Love that fabric!

Check out all the details!


the coolest zipper pull ever!!


Heather Ross fabrics are great! (Now I want some of this!) ;)

Hunter helped me open the package, one thing he loves to do! and when I took the bag out and saw the pouch I just sat there on the stairs and squealed! lol. I don't even know what to put in it! I feel like a little kid in that I want to just put whatever in it and take it along with me everywhere I go! :)


And look at the amazing scraps she sent along with it!!! She's too generous! :)


Thank you! Thank you Eva!!!! 
I LOVE it!! :)

my pouch doesn't even compare, so I'll show it off later. ;)



  1. So jealous that you received this - saw it on flikr and was totally in love with it. However, couldn't have gone to a worthier person :) Enjoy - sweet swap swag!!

  2. Oh, You are too kind, Diane. I am so glad this has been well received and you like it. I thought your boys might like the rocket postcard! I had a blast making the pouch for you, enjoy it :)


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