Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bee a {modern} Swapper - Pincushion Swap - Received!!


Pincushions are another new favorite, right along with potholders! They're small and quick, and you can practically try anything on them! :)  I already showed off my pincushion here, but guess what I received in return??? I was the lucky winner of Manda's pincushion!


check out the rainbow thread! Love it! :)

I love it!! :) I love the cathedral window! One of my favorite designs, though I have yet to try it. And check out this awesome little "box" she made me too! Containers are my favorite thing, so I know this will be put to good use! :)


And check out these mini charm squares she sent along with it! I don't have any pez prints, so this is definitely a special treat!


Along with pins and what else? PEZ!! Awesome! I had to hurry and hide these before my boys saw it! Good thing Hunter didn't help me open this package. lol. :)


Thank you so much Manda!!!



  1. The container and the pincushion are adorable! I love cathedral windows,

  2. Hi Diane! Guess what? You won the Traveling Stash Giveaway on my blog! Yippee!! Please reply to me with your mailing address, and I'll get the box on its way to you. :)


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