Monday, March 5, 2012

Covert Robin is Underway!

Can you believe that 81 People signed up to participate in the Covert Robin?!?! Awesome! :) Partner assignments went out last week. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with and what great creations start circling the globe!


Want to follow along? Here is the list of all those that are participating!

The Closet Quilter
There & Back
Rains Rantings
Made with Moxie
It's My Life
Raising Miss Mommy
Love to Stitch
Cover to Cover...and Everything in Between!
mon petit lyons
Yeung Mother Hubbard
Lady Face
Absolute Mommy
Feel that Fire
from blank pages...
casa crafty
Feathered Nest Studio
Bending Pins
every snapshot
Designs By Sessa
Crinkle Dreams
throw a wench in the works Stuff I Love Optimistic Slacker
Scrap Me This
My Raina Sunshine
Finding My Way in Texas
A Half Baked Life
Mermaid Eyes
Teapots & Chatter
Toes in the Air
Sew Delicious
Tubaville Quilts
Dashasel Sews
sassiness with a bit of edge...
Y Seams
Sneakers Over Stilettos
These Days
Belle + Bee
Momtastic Stitchery
This Radiant Life
girl like the sea
Life, Experience Needed
Dancing in red shoes
City Stitches
Tolen Family Fun
Sew Now We Are Four
Spin the Bobbin
pritty tings
Jubee's Craft Box
Art by Wiley
Little D and Me
Lovely Little One
Redheaded Daybook
Crafting a Rainbow
The Idea Girl
creative instincts
Craft Couture by T.C.
Thrifting, Crafting, Personalizing
Sago on tuesdays
The Lord is My Teacher
White Lights on Wednesday
Our Reflection
Hmm-Well Here I Am
a.Amelia Handmade
Global Odyssey
Pastries, MKTs, and Kitty Cats. Oh my!
my other car is a crane
Sweet and Sassy
Jan's ArtFriendzy

Now to figure out what I'm going to make for my partner!

think. think. think.


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  1. totally stoked! I'm thinking, too. this is the first time I've done anything like this - I'll be surfing my giftee's pinterest page for sure!


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