Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Figuring it all out!

Well, I guess I totally did not understand the whole Google Friend Connect drama... because it's still there. Yep! You are still my friend! :) Sorry for the disappointment if you thought that attachment was going to be severed for you. lol. But I'M glad we're still friends! 

I thought I was also going to have to figure out a new reader to use to read my blogs. Nope. wrong again. I am still using Google Reader, and it works great! I only read it on my phone... you know, in those 1 minute intervals I get while waiting at the doctors, or before I go to bed, or when I need a sanity break during the day (NO that does NOT mean I read blogs all day. heehee). Anyway, I am finally getting it all organized! Want to know how I do it?

I have put all the blogs I follow into different categories. Some are just categories, like quilting and photography, etc., which are chuck full of blogs. Then I have a few "Daily Reads" categories. 

Do you know what my number one group to read is??? YOU ARE! If you think about it, or rather if I think about it, it's kind of weird to have a conversation with someone that I know absolutely nothing about. Especially when I have no idea how much you actually know about me. :O  So, especially those of you who are more consistent commenters on my blog... you are in my "Daily Read - Blog Friends" group. :) And although I don't always get a chance to comment, I love reading your blogs! Thanks for being friends! :)

My other groups are "Flickr Friends" - so those of you, or rather those that are on flickr that I've gotten to know well through swaps and bees and such. And "Favorite Blogs". Because there are those blogs out there that are just great and I just can't stay away. :)

I guess I'm still organizing a bit... but I'm getting there. :) And I'm finally putting my friends and family blogs in my reader too. They have been neglected for far too long! oops. ;)

My Ode to Technology:

oh technology
what are you doing to me
you give me friends I'll never meet
you fill my eyes with treats I cannot eat
time stealing
oh technology
please do not say goodbye to me

lol. just ignore that last part.



  1. Cracking me up this morning - love your poem!

  2. I know I thought that was strange how everyone was saying it would be removed and yet you can still click and add people to it....very odd. Cool poem!! =D


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