Sunday, March 18, 2012

For The Love Of Solids - Finished & Sent! :)

My items for this swap are well on their way to their new home! It is always sweet sorrow sending out packages. But worth it! :)


My project for this was the longest in the making, but boy am I glad that I started it when I did. I definitely hit a "star burnout", but with nice break in the middle I recovered and even though I still had a lot of stars to make to finish it up, I would still love to make more. :) These wonky stars are some of my favorite blocks to make. :)


I made a wall hanging for my partner, in her requested colors. For some reason I was really questioning myself while making this. Even until right before I put the binding on it, I wasn't sure if I should scrap it and start over with something else. But when all was said and done I decided I was really happy about it and sent it off. I really do hope she likes it! If not I'd be happy to make up my other idea that I had for her. Sometimes it's so hard making something for someone else! Especially someone you don't know at all. :) But it's worth it! I always push myself a lot harder making something for someone else than I do making projects for myself.


To go along with it I made a simple pouch. I really LOVE this pouch and want to make 100 more! ;)

the back

the front

I used Kona ash, and the mosaic is made from some of the scraps from the wall hanging.

I used a glue stick to hold the pieces down, and then put fray check around all the edges after they were sewn down. I really love how this turned out and think I will use this technique more often!!

for the lining I used some Half Moon scissors. Yum! :)
It finishes at 9" by 9". 


the mini finished up at 18.5" x 18.5". Made from all Konas.
I used Kona Chartreuse for the back.
and a purple for the binding... I'll have to look and see what color I used. I can't remember right now.

Thinking about this makes me feel like I'm in a college art class critique session. lol. But I have to say that when I started with this design, and nesting the stars like I did, the thing that I really liked about it, was the negative space that it created.


the four squares with the weird shapes between them. Those are what stand out to me more than the stars (well, except that the stars are really bold). I wanted to emphasis that design, and thus my decision for quilting inside the negative space only. I don't know if I achieved my emphasis as much as I would have liked, but I'm happy with how it turned out. :)
Thank you for coming. Class is now out of session. lol.

The design on the back didn't turn out quite as cool as I thought it would have, but oh well. it's just the back. :)


I added hanging corners in all the corners since there really isn't an up on this thing.

I sure hope you like it partner!! I had a swell time making it for you!

Happy Monday everyone! Stay tuned for the start of the Giveaway Week! The first post will be up later today!! For my birthday weekend I decided to take the weekend off from the computer and sewing... so I didn't get anything ready. lol. :) So excited for this though!! :)
giveaway week

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  1. Your pouch is so sweet. I am sure your swap partner will be delighted with the wall hanging, it is adorable.

  2. What a darling mini quilt! I love the solids and wonky stars and I think the quilting from the back is wonderful.
    Your pouch idea is someone I am going to try next time I make a pouch. Great use of little scraps and a good way for me to practice some straight line quilting too....thanks for the inspiration : )

  3. its awesome! I actually think the way you quilted it made the stars pop more, which I like! It's like they're coming out of the quilt, creating depth. Perhaps quilting in the stars would have made the negative space pop more, who knows... anyways I love it. the pouch is lovely too :D

  4. I love how the quilting makes the stars jump out of the background - really cool!

  5. Hope you had an awesome birthday...with lots of food, drink and CAKE!!!
    Love the wall hanging and the pouch! The mosaic effect works really well! =D

    I'm holding a small swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D

  6. Diane, I love your mini and that pouch rocks! Great idea to use double lines of quilting - love that! Happy birthday!

  7. I really like this one, you have done an awesome job on it. The pouch is kind of cute too!

  8. Those are great colors for the mini! I love how the quilting make the stars pop. It's nice the way you added the hangers. I always forget that until the binding is sewn!!

  9. I absolutely love your mini! The colours are perfect. I was a little sad this did not show up in my mailbox, and I can say that yet, because my swap pkg hasn't arrived yet.


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