Thursday, March 1, 2012

Potholder Pass 7

If they had envelopes on slot machines, I would have won the jackpot this week!!! I've received maybe 6 9 packages already! Ok, most of them are Bee blocks, but still! It's been fun! :)

The first AWESOME package I received (besides the awesome blocks) were my potholders from Laney!! :)




Look how stinkin' awesome these are!! :) We were kind of an exception to the swap, last minute additions I guess you could say. :) All that means is that we knew we were making for each other, instead of guessing who our secret partner was. I loved it! She is so great! She's in a few of the other swaps that I'm in, so it was nice to see her comments in other places to help get an idea of what she likes.

I LOVE how she quilted them!

She threw in some fun scraps too! Thank You!! :)


She also received my potholders this week. Do you want to see what I made??? :)



These were so much fun to make! I had so many ideas, and knew I wanted to use the apples (our theme was Spring) and I think apples are so fitting for a kitchen! Anyway, I finally decided on this, but still had to figure out how to arrange it all.

Here was my original idea, with the colors in order on the diagonal. I still really like this design.


Then I thought about this. I love the all green apples, and the red one too, but they are too different so I scratched that idea.


Anyway, here's what I ended with (my sister and hubby helped me decide. Thanks for the push!)


I think it is so much fun to take pictures of pieced tops! I love how light and perfect they are! :)



This was my first time fussy cutting! It was actually a lot of fun! :)

I added these little loops for hanging. 

a little stitching detail. Unfortunately I think my pressure was too high for my foot, and it kind of pulled my fabric as I quilted it. I did notice before I finished, so shhh. maybe she won't notice. ;) I don't think they're too bad though, otherwise I would have done them over. 

Well, now that's over. It's nice to have something off my plate, but I would definitely do it again! I really like being able to work on things on a smaller scale. Quick yet you can still have so much detail! :)

linking up with Canoe Ridge Creations! :)



  1. I love these. We sell the apple fabric in our shop and it is ever popular. Well done. Cheers, Karen

  2. Wish I could bind like you do, then I would make some of those.
    What a nice gift to send to a new housewife too. Adorable.


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