Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mail Update

I interrupt my irregular blogging schedule for a quick mail update.

If you are expecting mail from me and have not received it yet, don't fret. It is on it's way. I mailed an arm full of packages last week and a number of them were returned to me with insufficient postage. I'm SO sorry!!

I usually always go to the post office after hours (like at 10 pm) because that is about the only time I can make it without bringing my children with me. (been there, done that, no thank you! lol) Anyway, I use the automated teller and it's pretty great! I mail packages all the time, but sometimes the drop door for packages is locked and I can't put them in. When I mailed my packages the other day the door was locked, and since they were all fairly small I just put them all in the large envelope slot. oops. I guess they didn't like that! lol. Anyway, they are now on their way. again. And I just wanted to let you know. If you still don't receive them, let me know... they better not get lost now.

*** usually my hubby will watch movies or old tv shows while I sew at night. Lately it's been The Wonder Years! (awesome) and Eerie Indiana. ? it's kind of funny. The other night Eerie Indiana was about when he turned his watch back so he could have his daylights saving hour and instead got stuck in a weird space time continuum. After I watched it, and was thinking about my mail situation, I am kind of feeling the same way... we still haven't gotten used to daylights savings around here. The boys go to bed at 9-10, we have dinner at like 7 or 8pm, we have breakfast at like 9 am. Anyway, I guess if anything were to blame for the mail problems, it would be this. lol. ;) Just wanted to share my little hypothesis. lol.



  1. Thanks for the package! I will have to learn how to sew in a zipper :) Blogged about my win: Thanks for everything! Many, many, many more Happy Unbirthdays to you and yours! ... Mike.

  2. I am still waiting on the traveling stash to show up. Was it one of those returned?


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