Sunday, April 22, 2012

FTLOS - Somebody Loves Me!

Wow. I'm kind of a jerk! I'm sorry! I received the most amazing package last month and I haven't even shared it with you! I guess I've just been super selfish keeping it all to myself. lol. ;) And really, that is exactly what I've been doing. mostly.

Let me explain, usually when I receive an awesome package, or any package, I open it with the excitement of a 4 year old on Christmas morning, look at it, admire it, hug it, stroke it, heehee - not really usually er...  Anyway, and then I put it in a pile so that when I get my camera out to do my little photo shoot of whatever, it's easy to grab and take pictures of it too. Well, this little package of goodness never made it into that pile. It went straight to work! Being used and enjoyed and loved! I never remember to take pictures of it all because it is busy doing other things.

Well, I finally remembered and made a special occasion just for these sweet swap items. Want to see??? :)

The amazing Lisa aka Sixmunchkins made me some FAN.TAS.TIC items:

a sewing machine cover:


isn't this such an amazing design?! I love it! :)

It's longer on the ends, which is fantastic! I can fold it down to give my machine a little extra protection from our overly dusty apartment. And I love that it's open on the sides so I can still leave my sewing table thing on.

it's it awesome! It matches my mug rug perfectly. And check this out...

she put my name on it!!! WOOOO! That is awesome! :)

Check out this detail! Her stitching is amazing! I only wish I could make something look that good. I love it!

I have REALLY been needing one of these! It's perfect!

She also added in a little zipper pouch. Cute!


I have been using it to keep my extra, larger, sewing feet in it. It works great. 

Did you see the fabric inside? One of my favorites. I LOVE bikes! :)

AND she made me this awesome bag!


check it out! More bikes! She loves me. :D cheese!

I love the pom-pom string she used. so fun. 
I use this all the time for the props for our Sunday School class, among other things. It's the perfect size. :)


I seriously am so amazed at her generosity! And SO grateful! Thank you Lisa!!! :) I hope I didn't offend you by not posting about this sooner. Just know that all of it is being loved and getting lots of use. :) I mean, that's what we all hope for with our swap items, right?! Well Lisa, you are at the top of the line! ;)



  1. Wow you were so lucky! All the things look amazing! I love the sewing machine cover =D

  2. I can't believe you've been holding out on us so long! That sewing machine cover if great, I LOVE the circle of geese!

  3. Great items! Love the sewing machine cover especially!

  4. AWW, thanks! I am so glad you liked everything. I had a ton of fun!

  5. that sewing machine cover just screams "DIANE!" and how cool is it that it's personalized?!

    totally LOVE the bicycle fabric!


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