Friday, April 13, 2012

Modern She Made Swap

I gave in and joined this swap! I love it. Here's my mosaic:

Modern She Made Swap inspiration mosaic

Can I print this out and hang it on my wall and stare at it forever???

add this in there too...

PTS6 Rainbow Starburst Pillow complete
oh if only I could get ahold of this meadowsweet collection. I think this is my ultimate favorite right now!!!! The colors are PERFECT!

and of course about a million other items that I missed. And I'd be in heaven!

There are SO many talented people out there. I can't even fathom it!!

I think one thing I totally love about this swap, and was the ultimate deciding point for joining, is that I know SO many people in it! And have already met a lot more of great people! LOVE! I think knowing the other members is key to a great swap! Of course I have loved all the other swaps I've been in, and you have to start somewhere. I definitely didn't know anyone when I first started in swaps, but I think swaps are going to become something I won't ever be able to give up. ;) and that's ok. :D

The guidelines for this swap are that you can make whatever item your partner would like (pillow, wall hanging, placemats, etc.), but it HAS TO include a circle! Whether in the design or the quilting, or the shape.  There are some fantastic ideas going on already. Check them out in the flickr group here! So many talented people! (another great feature of a great swap!) (Ok, and maybe I love this swap because Lori started it. I may be just slightly biased. heehee.)

here's one idea for my project for my partner....


(the one on the left)? I'm thinking mostly natural fabrics and light grays, with pops of aquas, yellows and light greens. I'll add some random pebble quilting for some full circles. ;)

Either a pillow or a wall hanging.

or maybe I'll keep thinking.



  1. I'm super excited about this swap, you have no idea!
    I've got some Meadowsweet on my shelf, it's waiting for just the perfect project, so it will probably go unused for 20 years ;-)

  2. I'm in the swap too! It's been great learning about everyone through all the discussion posts!The idea's are crazy. You see everyone's and see what your partner has commented then think oh dear maybe I need to change my idea! =D


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