Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Story: Learning Time

I unofficially started "Learning Time" today. It was fun and new, and the boys kind of participated from the side lines. I think as we do it more regularly, which I'm planning on doing beginning next week, they will be more excited about it and get more involved. :)

I'm a little embarrassed to share it, but want to keep a journal of everything we do and our little "lesson plans" - mostly for myself, and to remember any fun/funny moments as well as accomplishments for them.

You can read more about today and my game plan here.
I probably won't post an update on all the Learning Time posts, but maybe some of them. Just check back now and then if you want to see what we've been up to. (You can always get to them from the "Our Story " link at the top of this page. :)



  1. I saw that you want a song to go along with number (since you made one up) The song I use for numbers is on YouTube. It is called, "Seven steps for super simple learning." Now the video only goes up to 7. It helps them not only remember up to 7 but counts backwards too. I have little flash cards for Adi that she uses because I don't always use the video. I don't just count to 7 either. I go all the way up to 20 because it was too simple. The flash cards help too cause Adi picks up the numbers as she goes and lays them back down when she says them again. Anyways, thought you might like to check it out.

  2. Good for you! I've tried doing some little learning things with my girls too (they're 5, almost 3, and 1 1/2). My five-year-old is homeschooling with the A Beka dvd program, doing kindergarten -- I can't recommend it enough; I'm blown away by how much she's learning and love the traditional, Christian education she's getting. I have a Cat in the Hat learning chart book that I pull out to use with my middle daughter from time to time. We go over numbers, colors, letters, the alphabet song, shapes, and that sort of thing with this. I was a fifth grade teacher for 9 years and an assistant principal for one year before staying home with my kids, so I have an educational background, but mostly with the big kids. It's been a learning curve to meet the needs of my little ones, and I've had to go back to my research days again!


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