Wednesday, April 4, 2012

W.i.P Wednesday {4/4/12}

I've been wanting to do a monthly post with all the projects I've completed during the month, especially since I feel like I've been doing a lot. I want to make sure that I really am, and not just feeling like it. ;)  Well, today is not the day for that. I wanted to today, but instead I spent the morning switching the doors on our new fridge (they opened the wrong way and we would have never been able to get in them!). It's not all bad, seeing as how that means we GOT A NEW FRIDGE!! Yeah!! :) We've been asking for a new fridge for the past three years, and the new management company that recently took over our buildings is so great and finally brought us one today! LOVE. :)

Anyway, I have decided that this is the month that I am going to finish the quilts that have been on my list to finish all year! There is a great flickr group: CTP: Project UFO's, and I am going to be glued to it this month so I can stay motivated and on track. I made up a mosaic of my UFO Quilts...

My April UFO's

I REALLY want to finish the first 4 for sure... they are all finished tops. Just need to be basted, quilted and bound. The 5th is the do.Good Stitches quilt from last month. LOVE it! I still need to make my blocks for it (which I AM going to do this month! I need this one to not take so long to finish as the last one, and I'm determined to be on time with it!)

So here they are:
1. do.Good Stitches quilt from last year
2. Giant Granny Square Quilt - was supposed to be a quick squeeze in, but instead it's been hanging on my design wall
3. Mabel's quilt - in needs to be finished by her birthday next month!!
4. Kaleidoscope QAL - yup. I hear a lot of people have unfinished Kaleidoscope QAL's. ;)
5. do.Good Stitches Candy Land quilt
6. This WAS going to be Hunter's quilt... but he doesn't like it. I really like the colors and fabrics I've picked. Very boyish, and I think they would be great to grow into. It'll be big enough to fit his newish twin bed. I don't know what I'll do now. Neil says to make H's, but I don't think so. Maybe a fun HST design. I need t go searching for some good boy designs. I'm thinking I might do HST's with some Kona Ash (a light grey), which might help bring out the colors, keep it boyish, and not be so quick to show the dirtiness of being a boys blanket (as white). Or maybe I'll go with a few different solids to go in there? I need ideas! :)
7. All my Bee blocks I've received, plus the Scrap Attack block. Not sure what to do with that. I want to make up the quilt for this *soon* after I receive the rest of the blocks from the [4x5] Bee.
8. Most of the blocks I received from my Moody Blues 2 Bee group. loving it.
9. A tree skirt I started in Logan way back when. I don't want to finish it. Anyone want it??? I can tell you how it's supposed to go, except I don't remember the exact details? anyone know? :)

Ok, so those are my main things I want to work on this month. Plus some Bee blocks (Granny Squares for do.Good, already finished up one Moody Blues, will have one more this month, need to finish my [4x5] blocks, DQS12 mini, and I think one or two more.) I think I'll be able to do it!! Kind of excited!! :)

Anyway, one of these days I'll get my pictures taken and show you all what I've *hopefully* actually accomplished over the last few months. :)


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  1. Wow you have a lot accomplised, yet a lot to do, haha. I can only spend my time on one projsct at a time. But this makes my accomplished list very slow. The quilt for you son made me laugh because I too, have a picky son. whoda thought with a boy. I wanted to make this quilt Stripes+stripes by Malka Dubrawsky from her book called fresh quilting. He said no, he didn't like it. His loss because I'm gonna make one for me with a few girlier colors. Hers is done with solids(and thats how i think it would look best. Maybe your son would like it! Check it out!!!


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