Saturday, June 30, 2012

I think I got it.

I always think projects are going to be WAY faster than they ALWAYS end up being. Like this quilt. But that's ok. Do you want to see my progress shots of how I got to where I was yesterday to where I am today? (ok, I did this all yesterday too, but we've been mega unpacking again today so that's why I didn't share these sooner like I thought I was going to. Sorry for anyone waiting around for this since I told you I'd share it.) :)

Sorting the colors again

sorting colors
I took out a bunch of prints and chose to keep just 9 of each shade, trying to match the hues as best I could with what I had.



I tried to arrange the piles on the ground first so I wouldn't have to move all 108 squares around too many times. I didn't even try this arrangement on the wall. I don't know why I took this picture. lol. ;) And I didn't take a picture of what I did end up doing, but here's another shot of the fabric anyway. because I love ya! haha.

On the wall

layout 4
layout 1

layout 5
layout 2

layout 4. revised
layout 3

layout 4
sorry this one didn't make it in instagram, hence the no cropping. ;)

ok. now it's final. :)
layout 5

If you can tell me all the differences between each photo I'll send you something. lol. Please don't. If you are that bored you can come help me unpack instead. ;)

I think I am sticking with layout 5! before I start analyzing it too much. heehee. I tried to arrange the values so that it kind of created a darker square rectangle going through all the colors (I guess it does make squares too. can you see it? It's not perfect, but I think it's kind of cool. :)

what do you think? Boyish enough? It'll be smaller, but I think something portable might be nice too. Now to get sewing. :) I also need to blog a bunch more stories before I forget them. Hopefully tomorrow if I don't get to it today. boy does this place wear me out. ;)

Happy Saturday everyone! :)



  1. I like the layouts! I can just about spot the differences. I see in each you've left the blueish tones in the same place, changing around a few squares in each block
    On the 2nd layout you've changed the middle square of each colour block.
    Then you've swapped the dotty blocks around in each layout per block!
    It's funny how blue is the most common colour most people have a lot of =D

  2. It will very nice no matter what layout you select!

  3. It always takes me way longer than I planned too. I try to allow for this misjudgement but I get carried away in my excitement to start a new project. LOL wears out fast when my super fast project is still in the works a week later! I love your colors and any of the layouts look awesome.

  4. I like layout 5. I see what you mean about the dark rectangle too. Will look great when you're done!

  5. I like the layout #5 with the dark rectangles. The only thing I'd change is swap out one of the sets of purple for another set of red since you said it's going to a little boy. That would make it more 'warm' over all and have less purple.

  6. Yup, you got it! Layout 5. And I could tell where you were going with each arrangement and figured you'd end up just as you did! Looks great. And I will NOT pick out all the differences . . . that would be insane!


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