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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Modern She Made Swap! Lots of goodies to go around!

This was a fun swap! Through a move into the mix and it totally threw off my sewing groove. For some reason finding a place to live took a little more precedence over sewing. ;) But alas, I finished my item for my partner and I really hope she likes it! :)

I made an 18" pillow form. I was going to go bigger, but I'm glad I didn't. :)


I used the same pattern that I tried out for my MIL and her pillow. I did get a last minute "I think I want to do something else", but I'm glad I stuck with this! I smoothed out a few kinks in the pattern and I really do love how this pillow came together in the end!

the back. super simple.
I put my label just under the flap on the right. I can't show you because then my partner would know it was theirs!

I love looking at patterns with the light shining from behind!

before I put the back on.

I did a wavy line cross hatching for the quilting again. I have such a hard time doing the exact same thing twice, but I was just so happy with the first pillow that I couldn't help myself. 


I really like the pattern for this. I've gotten a lot of compliments on flickr which I TOTALLY did not expect! Wow! Thanks everyone! You make me want to cry. ;) I am planning on making a pattern for this (after we finish moving). This pillow was made completely with a template, my purple pillow was made mostly with a paper piecing pattern I think, or at least a good mix. I don't know which I like better... But I will tell you, it kind of kicked my butt! lol. I think I finally got the sizing of the templates right so in the end it was a lot easier. But there is a lot of cutting, and where the points meet up it is thick. After a little ironing it's not too bad. It definitely requires some precision to get everything to line up right (which I didn't do perfectly, but people don't seem to mind). Anyway, there's the truth about it. :) 


My goodies arrived at my sisters house yesterday! Wahoo! My sis texted me a bunch of photos this morning! I couldn't believe all the goodness inside!! :) Kelsey did an amazing job!! Her pictures of the stuff she made are here, here, here and here. Here are the pictures my sister sent me:

There are 6 placemats! Look how awesome they are! My sister said they're big, maybe 12". It'll be like a house warming gift when I get them at our new house! ;)

Then she added some cute fabric

and this awesome magazine! I can't wait to get my hands on this stuff. 

Thank you Kelsey!! :)

I really did enjoy this swap! There were so many talented people in it! :) But I also have to admit that for right now, it is SO nice to not have anymore sewing commitments (as in I'm done with all my swaps and bees)!! Wahoo! :)

Happy sewing to everyone! 
I will probably be checking out soon for a bit. 
In less than a week we will start our drive to our new home! :D



  1. So glad you like them!!! I had a great time making them :) Happy Housewarming!

  2. Good luck with the move and safe travels!!! And thanks for participating in the swap, I always love to see the projects you come up with!

  3. Such a great pillow and awesome package to receive!
    Good luck on the move hope you stay calm and relaxed =D

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog. Feel free to stop by and enter (if you haven't already) =D

  4. Love your pillow, and the gift you got also looks great!!
    Happy moving, hope it goes well for you!! :)

  5. That pillow is stunning. Love how it is quilted. Makes it extra special.

  6. Love this pillow - it's just so striking! Gorgeous colours too!

  7. i adore the pillow you made and especially the colors you chose
    i really would love to make some for my living room...hope there will be a pattern soon (after your move of course, ;o/)
    such a great swap!

  8. Seriously, I cannot thank you enough! This is the most fantastic pillow! I was so incredibly happy to open up your package and see that it was MINE! It is fitting in PERFECTLY in my living room :-) You're awesome!

  9. It has been 3 yrs and I still love this pillow. Looked for a pattern on your site but could not see one. If it is available I would love to know where. Save me from having to create my own!!!


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