Sunday, December 16, 2012

Waiting... is over!

I put together this quilt block a few weeks ago.


I am definitely going to be making an entire quilt with this block. It'll look a little something like this...

but with more blocks. 
The block finishes at 14" and is not paper pieced (hopefully will go a little faster that way).

But then I decided that it just be perfect for a certain someone. Problem was, I didn't know who it was yet... but now I do!

This bump is a BOY! :)
This bump is a BOY!!!

Due to arrive approximately April 27th, 2013

we are so excited! and yes, this is the cause of being sick and tired and everything else the last few months.

So now I know what colors to continue with. And it's on my wish list to share a pattern sometime early next year as well. :)

We haven't talked much about names yet. My hubby is set on Speedy. uh, NO.
I decided to call him Henry for now. :)

What are your favorite boy names?

I also finished up a pattern for these


it's just getting tested. Hopefully I'll share it soon with a giveaway for a free copy! Hopefully I'll get up a tutorial with the directions on my blog too if you want to sketch up your own stocking pattern.

It'll be a big mail day tomorrow too. Our post office has early hours so it's hard to make it there sometimes. All giveaways will be send out tomorrow, along with two quilts (this one and this one and I'd love to send the one at the end of this post) that are going to Connecticut. I found someone that will deliver them to some of those children who were involved in the tragic incident last week. My heart breaks every time I think about it. I can't think of anyone who is in need of them more right now. UPDATE: I just saw this on Flickr: There is a Pillow Case Drive for those children as well. You can find more information here. They are hoping to hand them out after Christmas, so it's not as much as a rush, but they are hoping for 600+ so any help would be great!

So much to do this week. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!



  1. I already knew but I congratulations again :)

    And I LOVE this block ! Will be interested to see a whole quilt :)

    And I love Gabriel for a boy.. it's the only name my boyfriend and I like in common. Will be interesting when we actually have to name a baby !

  2. Parabéns!!!Gostei demais de saber e da colcha também.NÃO me peça nomes...Porque???Tenho três filhas com nomes""diferentes"" Catiuscia,Catiene e Catierine.Cada vez que ELAS tem que dizer o nome a pergunta vem:K o quê?Mas,para me redimir com os filhos de Catiene ajudei a decidir com nomes comuns por aqui:Tobias e Maria Rita meu casal de netos lindos.Que Deus te Abençoe e traga seu filho com saúde.Feliz Natal e um Ano Novo cheio de realizações.Beijos do Brasil.

  3. Great block! And perfect for the new addition to the family! So exciting!

    Boy names always seem to be much harder than girls names. I really love Micah for a boy!

  4. Congratulations!!!! Henry is a great name, keep it!! Gorgeous block too, must have taken a fair bit of patience and straight stitching :))

  5. Congratulations! So so happy for you, hope you are feeling better now.
    Your quilt is going to be stunning and it'll look amazing in boy colours.

  6. Congratulations! Spring time seems just right for new babies.

    I like Henry. Good solid name. Maybe Speedy as a nickname :)

  7. Congratulations :) Awesome quilt! LOVE the name Henry - that's one on my list of "maybe someday we'll have kids and it'll be a boy" names!

  8. WOW, congratulations! And love the block, too. :)

  9. Yay!!!! That's such wonderful news - another boy!!!! :) I can't wait to see you!!!!

  10. So excited!! And what an incredible quilt the little guy will have, I love the colors and what you did with the pattern!! So great!


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