Thursday, June 28, 2012

doing good for do.Good

Basically that means I finally finished the quilt for the do.Good Stitches Harmony Circle from last September! Oops! Anyway, I'm so happy with it! All the wonderful girls in the group did such a good job and finishing this makes me realize that I miss them a lot. It was a fun group! But the break has definitely been a needed one.


I made up a quick tutorial for it here. And asked that everyone make blocks using 4 off center squares-in-square. And that they each include at least one orange square and one white square. Square-in-square is basically a log cabin, except that each round uses the same fabric rather than giving it the scrappy feel of the log cabin design.


It's always interesting to see the variety of blocks that you get back from a bee group, never what I expect, but it's still so much fun!! I had a great time putting these together.


I did some basic wavy lines across the quilt for the quilting. I still need to wash it, but I wanted it to keep a soft fluffy feel, so hopefully it works. :)


I still have mixed emotions about the back, but somehow I really like it. :)


p.s. Check out my new huge backyard!! I love that it has a clothes line!! I'm not so sure about hanging our clothes out there for the world to see, but hanging quilts for pictures! Yes please! :)


I used the binding method that Red Pepper Quilts uses, of sewing it on the front and then pinning it on the back and sewing in the ditch on the front so it catches the back. I only missed one small section on the back, and for the most part I stayed right in the ditch! I'm so proud of myself! lol. :) As my husband said last night, a humble brag. ;) hey, everyone deserves to give themselves a pat on the back for a job well done!


For some reason I went against the norm and put the label in the top corner. It just looks better on that fabric I think. Anyway, I still need to write in "Harmony Circle - Sept. 2011" on it. THEN it will be complete. :) I'm not sure where the nearest Project Linus is in these parts, so I might see if there is a family/someone in the area who could give this beauty some good love! :) I hope the Harmony girls don't mind!

So, basically, I should be unpacking, cleaning, filling out claims forms, teaching my children about the weather system and oceanic sea life (ok, not really), and everything else that is on my to-do list, but with so much drama going on (more about that later) I drastically needed a break! Yesterday I put together my make shift sewing area, finding supplies as I went, and I am SO glad I did! :) I think that was the most rewarding sewing I've done in a long time!


I'm just a little embarrassed to show a messy picture online. lol. ;)

Amazing Contributors to this quilt:
Sandi, aka Missplanner

Now onto finishing the candy land quilt.... though I think that will have to wait for another day.

How are all your sewing projects coming along???
I'm so glad I read Lori's blog the other day 
and for her reminder about how it's almost time to link up any finishes for the the Finish-a-Long!
I am so happy I'll be able to link up this quilt!! :)
(you can see this in my original post here.) 



  1. I love the back! It looks great. Also, I do all my bindings that way. So much easier and durable too.

  2. I"m not gonna lie, I almost forgot about the Finish-A-Long myself! Love the quilt it is too cute!

  3. Love the way this quilt turned out! And nice job on the binding, I'm still too terrified to do stitch in the ditch, I stick with zig zags to attach my binding... :-D

  4. The quilt looks amazing! You ladies should all be proud =D

  5. Beautiful quilt!!! I just recently joined my first two bees and yesterday I made my first traditional log cabin block. Your "wonky" version looks so cool!

  6. I think the back of the quilt looks great! And do use your clotheslines for clothes drying, you'll love the fresh air smell. I no longer use my clothesline because unfortunately we have some people living around us who like to have backyard fires at random times of the day. I've had to wash my clothes all over again because of it . . . makes me sad I can't dry clothes outside like my mom always did.

  7. What a gorgeous quilt! Love the back, too!
    And I'm totally envious of your huge yard and clothesline!

  8. Hi Diane! Your new quilt is so beautiful and I really like the back! Wonderful design and so beautiful colours! x Teje


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