Saturday, April 6, 2013

1st Quarter Finish-A-Long Finishes!

I know if I don't put this post up now, I'll forget and miss out. Are you playing along in the 2013 FAL? I have been so out of touch with blogging lately, but this is one event I LOVE. I love making lists, love crossing things off, love being able to see that I'm actually making progress on my pile of WIPs.  If you don't know about this yet, you should stop by She Can Quilt and read up on all the details HERE. The first quarter is just ending (last day to link up is tomorrow - hurry if you haven't yet.) And that means the next quarter will be starting soon after, and you'll all be able to see a repeat of pictures of everything I still haven't finished. lol. ;) Pretty soon I'm sure you'll all be rooting for me, just so you can stop reading about what I'm not working on. CHEESE :D

she can quilt

Anyway, you can find my original post here, with all the projects I had hoped to finish this quarter. I only ended up finishing three out of the thirteen, but that is pretty good I think. Even though I finished them all at the same time, it finishes up to be one per month. If I can keep that pace up, I'll have them all finished by the end of the year (plus one of course).

For a quick round up, here they are, with the link to the finished post (if you want to read more about them) underneath each.

1. Bee Block Quilt:

read more here.

2. Mabel's Car Quilt (that she does NOT want to use in the car. lol.):

 read more here.

3. Christmas Table Runner:

read more here.
I especially love how this one turned out after I washed it. I am really loving the straight line crisscross quilting design right now. (this picture is before I washed it.)

So there it is!
There are my finishes.
If you're new to these parts,
welcome and thanks for stopping by! :)
and good luck to finishing up all your projects!



  1. Great finishes, Diane! I'm playing along in the FAL for the first time and have enjoyed the motivation. Just like you, I'll have some projects to carry over to Q2, but progress is progress, right? lol

  2. Very very nice. :D Love all 3 !


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