Thursday, April 4, 2013

I am SO pregnant...

and it's killing me. Literally, this baby is sticking so far out from my body, it hurts to walk, and move, and I was so sad when I couldn't dance with my hubby the other day because trying to lift my legs for those tiny steps was so painful. lol. Blah. Mostly it's just this week that's been bad, but I've been really tired too. I have less than 4 weeks left!! CRAZY! I can't believe it! (due on the 27th, but all my babies came at different times, so who knows!) I am ready for him to come, but not. I think I'm ready, almost, to not be pregnant anymore, but I don't know that I'm really ready to have another baby. Ok, I am so ready to hold this little baby, and rock him, and love him. But I'm not so ready to love him AND take care of three other children, and figure out how to balance my super cuddly needy girl who never leaves my side (she is going to be MAD when she realizes that she is going to have to share me with someone else. Unfortunately she's entered a hitting stage with her brothers, so I'm not looking forward to how she treats the baby when she wants me to herself. Fortunately her and Daddy have been having more bonding time, so hopefully she can rely on him a little more during the times when I'm preoccupied.) I'm also not looking forward to getting for little ones ready for church on my own (my hubby has meetings early for church, so he leaves before we even wake up), nor sitting by myself with 4 little ones during church (thank goodness for friends who already help me out). I'm also not excited for grocery shopping and other errands... but ok. enough of that. I am excited. And I think it will be a fun adventure, as it already is. I LOVE my family... I'm just in that last stage of pregnancy where being pregnant doesn't seem so fun anymore. lol. ok, enough ramblings. :)

March was a crazy month. I felt like I didn't finish anything, but I really actually made a TON of stuff! Yeah! I finished some patterns, made myself two shirts and a skirt. I made a dress and a shirt for Mabel, two ties for the boys, finished my travel duffle bag and am partially done with another one for the kiddos. An Easter basket for Mabel. I made two travel bathroom bags for the hubby and I. And whatever else I worked on in between. I've never sewn so many clothes in all my life! Definitely a record for me. I need to take some pictures, and when I get around to that, I'll do another week of finishes and just share them all at once. :) Hopefully I'll get to it before the baby comes. But no promises. :) (if you follow me on Instagram you've seen it all (in bad phone camera format) I'm @fromblankpages.) :)

Anyway, I can't remember what I was originally going to blog about. It turned into a bunch of ramblings. :) I hope all is well with everyone and wish everyone a wonderful weekend!! Oh! I do need to blog soon so share my finishes for the First Quarter FAL link up! The last day is the 7th! Don't miss it. :) 

And, just so I don't have a totally pictureless post, here was the Easter picture I was going to share on Sunday but never got around to blogging it. I hope you all had a beautiful Easter! :)

 The ties and dress I made for them! The ties were actually for St. Patrick's day, but I didn't finish them before church, so they became Easter ties. :)
They are total goof balls!



  1. Such a beautiful family! I guess I've been really out of blog land for so long-I don't think I realized you were expecting! Congrats!! :)

  2. I remember the ties, and look at those faces. I know you by what you do, and Girlfriend, Your gonna have to stop making ties and enjoy those kids. xo, I just realized wow you do a lot for having 4. That little girl will turn into a little sister instantly, maternally she will nurture, the boys will be the ones to watch, I raised 4, I know ! It looks like on this glowing screen you have it all in perfect order. REST !

  3. :) What a fun pic. And hang in there!

  4. The title of your post made me smile! You'll make it!! Those last few weeks are so hard. LOVE the picture of your kiddos at the end. :)

  5. Just came the Craft Nurse Quilt blog because she told me to! I'm going to save your site link and come back. I'm also going to buy at least one of your alphabets! I hope you feel better soon. I know you will sooner or later. Nothing like those new babies to hold and smell. God's little miracle and maybe part practical joke! Take care of yourself. Your three children are precious.

  6. Such a cute little picture. I hope the baby shows up soon!! Those last few weeks I always felt like such a hippo and didn't move I'm sure your little girl will end up loving the new baby, maybe she'll be a better helper than you expect? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that the hitting is a quick phase : )

  7. You just brought back many memories....when I was pregnant with my fourth, those last 4-6 weeks almost made me lose my mind. My body was shot and I had to use a walker at night, when my hips and pelvis would give in. And if I wanted to walk any further than 100 metres during the day (ie shopping) then I needed someone to push me in a wheelchair! But - it was worth it! x

  8. Love the ties and dress!
    I've had to be really careful not to burn my belly on the stove/hot pans while making meals. We're almost there! Nothing better than a new baby (or babies) to make us forget how miserable the last few weeks are. ;-)

  9. Oh man, do I feel for you. That 'super cudly needy' adorable little girl of yours is really going to have her nose out of joint when you are spending so much time with that new baby. I was worried about that when I had one child and was pregnant with my twins. I bought a bunch of little toys and wrapped them up and put them in a basket near my front door. Because I knew my older child was going to be mad that people were coming to see the new babies and bring them toys I had those small wrapped toys to let anyone coming in to grab something from the basket and feel free to give it to the "big brother" so he got a present too but I didn't have to ask anyone to buy something for him too. He was thrilled each time someone came and gave him a present too.

    I think you'll be surprised how the fears you are having now won't be as bad as you are thinking. Yea, it's gonna be tough but I bet those adorable children you have are going to be a big help for their Momma because they love her. You'd be surprised, even as small as they are how much they can do to help you. Yea, I know, they can't run to the store or do the big things but your friends I'm sure will call to see if you need something from the store since they're coming to visit anyway. Take any and all offers for help and do not feel guilty. Some day you can return the favor or do the same for another friend. Just accept the help which was what I found so hard. I am stubborn about letting others do things I feel should be done by myself,even to this day I have a hard time not feeling guilty when my husband helps me do things around the house because the daily pain I live with won't allow me to do them.

    Good luck. I hope all the fears you are having are nothing but fear of the new baby coming and that everything go smoothly for you as much as that can be possible when bringing home a new baby.


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