Saturday, April 13, 2013

QAYG Placemats: Stuck...


I made these pieced letters a while ago (using My ABC's complete pattern - on Craftsy or Etsy). I really love them! I'm planning on making place mats with them, but the first one I started on, I am not loving. So much that I have completely stopped working on them. Ug. It's hard to stay motivated on something when you don't love it.


Here is the Jj that I started for Jackson. I'm really excited that we'll all have our own individual place mats, but I'm struggling and a little disappointed with this. I don't want to start the other ones until I figure this out... I want cute place mats, not ugly ones.

So here is my dilema/question:

What is the trick with Quilt-as-you-Go (QAYG). I don't have problems with the technique, but apparently I do with fabric choice and placement. As in...

  • I wish the Jj stood out more and really popped! I think the letters are so cute, and I don't want them to be hidden.
  • I really want to use these dish fabric in them, but is there a way to make the other colors of that print work? 
  • Is it better to go monochromatic when making a scrappy QAYG look?  or how many prints/colors is a good amount?
  • Should I add white, at least around the letters? Would that help them pop more? I really love white and think these could be rather classy, but being used as place mats for children, I'm a little weary as to how well the white will withstand the spills and messes.

Anyway, I'm a bit at a loss. I have an idea of how I could keep going with this, and maybe when I do finish it I'll actually really love it. I just don't have much confidence in it right now. lol.

If you have any suggestions for the future place mats, please let me know! I'd love all the help I can get! :)


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
The Mr comes home today! WAHOO! 
(he's been out of town for 3 days now 
and it just gets more and more rough as I get more and more tired. 
Tonight will be the best night ever!) :)



  1. Your fabrics are lovely but I get what you are saying- there isn't enough contrast in colors or value for them to pop out. There is a book called Word Play that talks about this same issue with letters - only as improv - but it is very relevant to your issue. If you really feel so uncertain - i wouldn't put more time into it until you're happy with it. Good luck.

  2. I make letters all the time based on Tonya Ricucci's method in Word Play quilts. I find your background fabric around the letters has too much value contrast, so the eye can't see the shape of the letter. choose a smaller print background with less value changes, and put more background around the letter to let it breathe. less is more here, because our eyes are struggling to look at the words and don't want to be distracted by other stuff. check out my word quilts at

  3. I agree with Laurie and Brenda. The J just isn't front and center. The concept is great! I also have Word Play. Great book.


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