Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Giveaway Winner! & sneak peek!

Thanks everyone for entering my giveaway last week! I'm excited to go check out all your favorite patterns!! :)

I have good news! When I switched my comments back to Google+ comments, they ALL showed up together! Yeah! :) So none were lost. (Mike over at The Amateuar Quilter, actually posted about the Google+ situation HERE if you want to read how it works. I guess it's not as bad as I supposed, just new, and like all things, takes time to figure it out... Thanks Mike!)

and the winner is...

Congrats Cheryl! I sent you an email. :)

Thanks everyone else for stopping by and entering!

In other news, I have a two patterns I put together before the baby came. I'm hoping to get one listed today! It is listed on Craftsy HERE. I love it! :) So stay tuned! I am going to be sharing it for free for the first 24 hours or something, then I'll list it for sale. I will also be doing another giveaway, since I said I would last week. ;) I'll let you know!!

Simple star! :) this was fun. #fromblankpagespatterns #simplestar
Simple Star Pattern
coming soon!

Until then, I'm hoping to get out and mow our lawn... and play in the sun! (I bought a crabbie sandbox for the kiddos last week. The sand I ordered won't be in until tomorrow, and with the warm weather today, I'm really looking forward to using it as a pool with the wee ones. I think they'll love it!!) :) Hooray for summer! (ok spring, but warm spring!)

Do you have any fun plans this week??



  1. I love all of your paper-piecing patterns, excited to hear about new ones coming!

    FYI, that exact star pattern is on quilters cache: http://www.quilterscache.com/F/FivePointedStarBlock.html

  2. Thank you for a simple 5 point star! You're a star! I don't like the symmetry of most star patterns, so this one really rocks, and thanks for keeping it free for a little while, that was wonderful

  3. Love the star pattern and thanks for making it free! I've been straight over and downloaded it

  4. Thanks! It is very cute! Congrats


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