Tuesday, July 9, 2013

3rd Quarter Finish-A-Long

This post is for the 2013 Finish-A-Long, 3rd Quarter with Leanne of She Can Quilt. Learn more about it here.

she can quilt

I tried really hard to get more projects finished last quarter, but it didn't happen. (Not surprised since I really only tried the last week of the quarter. lol. oops.) But now I'm determined to get more of these projects finished! And it makes it easier since I did at least make some progress on some of them.

Finishes from last quarter:
  • my Travel Duffel Bag. You can see it here.
Progress from last quarter:
  • Mabel's quilt! Hooray!


I finally basted it and started quilting it. I think I would have/could have finished it, if I hadn't run out of the pink thread. (I am quilting the center with large pink flowers and then vertical lines in green thread.) I did finish the flowers, and only have a few more lines to quilt with the green thread. Then I want to write quilt Mabel's name, birthday, birth place, etc (just like the boys quilts) around the sashing and quilt more flowers around the outside border. I ordered more thread from Joann's and it's supposed to get her tomorrow. I really should have just waited and bought some Saturday when we were actually down there. Oh well.


I really like how it all looks on the back, granted my flowers are no where near perfect. But I'm not so sure about the front. I think the quilting is a little more juvenile, and the quilt/fabric on the front looks more elegant. I think it will be fine for my girl and I think she'll love it no matter what. If I wanted to really show off the quilt though, I think I could have gone with something else. Anyway, just my inner turmoil. ha. The only reason why I've put this quilt off so long is because I was so nervous that my quilting would be less than perfect. Since I sent the boys quilts out to be quilted on a long arm, they look so fantastic, and I know my skills aren't that good. I finally decided that it doesn't even matter, and I'm sure she'll love having a quilt by mom, more than she'll care if it was professionally quilted.

  • coasters and mug rugs

You would THINK I could get these done already. I was going to finish these too, but I had the quilt on the machine. This quarter I got them squared up and cut the binding for them. As soon as I finish up the center of Mabel's quilt and get it off my machine, I'll sew the bindings on so I can stitch them when I'm not at my machine. :)

  • 60's Granny Quilt - I did finally get all my larger blocks sewn together. Except now I want to replace the orange with an aqua or teal or something. (shaking my head. this will never be finished.) lol. I am really getting excited for this, but I am not in a rush to finish it right now.

Here is the rest of my list for the 3rd Quarter:
(I took new pictures so you at least can see new photos even if the projects are the same.) :)

  • This quilt - this is top priority next on my list. I really want to finish it before we leave for Utah later this month. It might be a sewing marathon, but I want to do it. (I'm crossing my fingers that I can get this done along with my projects for my swap I'm in with two good friends of mine.)

  •  This diaper bag - I actually would love to get this made this week, or whenever. But definitely before we leave for Utah. I really need a new diaper bag and I love all the pockets in this one. Plus I really want a green bag, I always have! I love this Amy Butler fabric and can't wait to finish this one up.

and the rest of my projects for the quarter, in no particular order:

  • kaleidoscope quilt - I need to finish the back, baste and quilt.

  • knitting roll - I still have like 3 rows to add to it this section and then finish it.
  • My ABC's Number's Book

  • Starburst mini - I don't actually know what to do with this. My hubby is not a fan of mini quilts. He doesn't understand the whole concept of hanging fabric on your wall. Idk.

  • This block that I want to make into Tommy's quilt, maybe. I'm undecided. But I would love to write up a pattern for it either way. :)

  • Placemats

I think I added only one new project, and actually left off a few that I've had on my list previously. I'm not going to worry about them right now. We'll see how this quarter goes... I'm in the mood to finish things, so hopefully it goes well. What about you?? What do you have on your list? Do you do better with longer lists? or shorter lists? (I like longer because then I can kind of pick and choose.) :)



  1. Wow! Awesome list for Q3. I've yet to post mine... still taking new pics of the unfinished Q2 items, and gathering the rest for their mug shots. But mine's upwards of about 17? So i'm with you on having a longer list :)

  2. what about making the starburst mini into a pillow?

  3. KEEP the orange, it pops! Maybe add the turquoise.


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